We’ve all been there. After a really long day at work, all you want to do is get under the covers with a glass of wine and your phone, and online-shop for 45 minutes before passing out.

But sometimes sex also presents itself as an option. Are you exhausted? Definitely. But do you want to pass up the opportunity to get it on? Uh, definitely not.

So for everyone out there who’s ever been caught between their passion for sleep and their passion for sexytime, these 24 GIFs are for you. The struggle is real.

Editor’s note: This article is intended for a bit of humor. We’re not here to put pressure on people to have sex when they don’t want to. If you’re seriously ready for sleep and like, “leave me the eff alone” (or your partner is), listen to that! Okay, PSA over.

1. It’s been a really long day, and you hate everything now

Like, I love you, but I love sleep more.

2. Finally being in bed is the actual best

Must. not. fall. asleep.

3. Coordination feels a little off

You’re tired but determined.

4. It’s way too late for smooth moves

It’s back to basics, OK?

5. And you wonder if sex can wait, like, indefinitely

Being closed for business would be easier, but where’s the fun in that?

6. You didn’t have the energy to fix your makeup, shave, or put on good underwear

This really isn’t my best look, but who cares?

7. Maybe you just need a power nap

Just 5 more minutes, then I’ll have all the energy in the world. Promise.

8. Then you starting thinking of all the tasks you still have to do

But I didn’t take out the trash yet...

9. Your partner is losing battery power, too

Oops. I’m awake again. Where were we?

10. You need a little help getting situated

Here? No over here. Wait? Here? Oh, OK here. Got it.

11. So you put your faith in a higher power

This is going to work out just fine.

12. You put things on autopilot

I think this is how this goes.

13. And you were tired and miserable, but now you’re having sex so…

All systems are a go!

14. Tired? Who’s tired?

I’ve never felt more alive!

15. You realize you really can do it

Never doubted my sexual prowess for a second.

16. And you’ve still got it

Insert humble brag here.

17. It’s hard to believe that 10 minutes ago you were ready for sleep

Let’s do this.

18. When you realize you need to be awake in 5 hours for work

Zero. f*cks. given.

19. But then the momentary horror kicks in

OMG, why does work exist?

20. So you give yourself a necessary pep talk

We got this.

21. Victory is within reach

Almost there, almost there, almost…

22. You transcend sleep and feel positively spiritual


23. And you’re ultimately thankful this happened

Seriously, we were both great.

24. But now it’s finally, absolutely, definitely BEDTIME

Goodnight, y’all! I’m done.

Sometimes it’s just fun to rally. Besides, if you skipped the gym or you’re wound up, sex can be a good workout and a stress reliever at the same time. And after you’ve done the deed, you might even sleep better, too.