Last week, Harvard University’s student newspaper unearthed a “scouting report” put together by members of the men’s soccer team in 2012 that ranked the incoming players on the women’s team. But the men weren’t commenting on the women’s athletic abilities.

The “report” was more of a burn book that ranked the female players by attractiveness and assigned them sexual positions to go along with their positions on the soccer field. The contents range from sexually explicit (“She seems relatively simple and probably inexperienced sexually, so I decided missionary would be her preferred position.”) to offensive and degrading (“She seems to be very strong, tall and manly so, I gave her a 3 because I felt bad. Not much needs to be said on this one folks.”).

In a powerful op-ed published in The Crimson, six players referenced in the “scouting report” explain their reactions after reading the document. They send an empowering message that we all need to work together if we want to stop this behavior, not brush off these instances as “locker-room talk.” Here are some of the best snippets:

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