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In theory, exercise should be simple: Get dressed, grab a water bottle, and go to the gym. In real life, it’s more complicated. There are no clean socks, or there’s a snowstorm brewing outside, so you give up on the idea altogether.

But there’s an easier way to make it happen. Grokker, an online wellness resource, eliminates any excuse by providing high-quality, high-definition video content you can watch in your living room—or wherever you may be. (No socks needed).

Featuring world-class fitness and yoga instructors who help make exercise effective and fun, Grokker helps you fit any workout—total-body HIIT, barre, or kickboxing—into your busy schedule. Need to relax? There’s a variety of soothing yoga videos and even guided meditations. Hungry? Healthy cooking tutorials will help you whip up a nutritious post-workout meal.

Plus, it’s interactive: Experts offer personalized feedback, and you can “love,” “like,” or save videos to watch in the future. They also have live-streaming classes, so you can enjoy all the energy of a group workout.