Welcome to GreatistYou, a new social experiment where we see what happens when five people decide to change their health—and broadcast their journeys for everyone to see. Four goals, five contestants, and six weeks to crush said goals for the promise of a better life (oh, and $1,000!).

When the idea for GreatistYou came up, we knew we wanted to help our contestants make positive changes that would make them feel great. What we didn’tthink about, though, was the possibility that our contestants would also inspire friends and family to give up bad habits too.

Sufficed to say, we’re really excited that Jasmine‘s (@greatistjasmine) mom asked for a serving of her Whole30-approved dinner.

On top of that, Jasmine’s friends are also getting inspired and have started buying more fruits and veggies after seeing her progress. Woo! Healthy living is contagious! It’s working!!!


  • Darby and Adrienne (@greatistdanda) have discovered the delicious anomaly that is Arctic Zero. Seriously, how do they get that stuff to taste so good? Side note: There are actually a bunch of healthy ice cream brands on the market!
  • After making a promise to himself to stop obsessing over the numbers on his scale, Brandon (@greatistbrandon) is back at the gym and loving every minute of it. We assume…
  • Regina (@greatistregina) took a much-needed two-day break this weekend, but is ready to jump back into her routine and get as sweaty as humanly possible. She also brought up a very interesting point: Why is there no avocado toast emoji?
  • Jessi (@greatistmentor) offers some vital words on the pitfalls of going on an extreme diet. “Offer yourself some wiggle room.” This means sticking to a healthy plan, while still allowing yourself items you love. That way, you’ll avoid a relapse into junk food after said diet is over.