Welcome to GreatistYou, a new social experiment where we see what happens when five people decide to change their health—and broadcast their journeys for everyone to see. Four goals, five contestants, and six weeks to crush said goals for the promise of a better life (oh, and $1,000!).

Day three kicks off with a bang—or rather—a labored moan from all our lovely (and sweaty) contestants. By the looks of Jasmine’s (@greatistjasmine) zoodle pics, she’s definitely getting the hang of the Whole30 diet, though today’s snap indicated that she doesn’t quite know when to say “when” with hot peppers (P.S.—If you’re unfamiliar with the whole zoodle craze, start here). I’d suggest drinking milk to ease the pain, but uh… Whole30 forbids dairy.

Jasmine keeps some semblance of normalcy in her life by doing what we all do and working out in front of the TV.Her show of choice? Bachelor in Paradise, of course. Not a bad idea as it’s one of the few programs on television that causes a sharp rise in blood pressure.


  • Regina (@greatistregina) shows us there’s no harm in rewarding yourself for making an effort to change your life: We dig your haircut! You’ll probably stay a little bit cooler when riding the subway—New York’s finest free sauna.
  • Darby (one half of team @greatistdanda) looks awesome—albeit very sweaty—after running more than four miles for the first time in a year.
  • Brandon (@greatistbrandon) faces a struggle we can all relate to: eating too much peanut butter.

  • Greatist mentor Jessi (@greatistmentor) reminds us to venture out into the great outdoors: “To increase your energy, clear your head, and boost your mood, go for a quick walk outside!”