Welcome to GreatistYou, a new social experiment where we see what happens when five people decide to change their health—and broadcast their journeys for everyone to see. Four goals, five contestants, and six weeks to crush said goals for the promise of a better life (oh, and $1,000!).

Week two of GreatistYou is coming to a close, and we’ve learned a lot about our contestants. Regina loves dancing, Jasmine appreciates pork, Darby and Adrienne cherish eggs, and Brandon (@greatistbrandon) is always happy. Don’t get us wrong, the dude does a lot more than sport a wry grin, but a good mood is actually a key part of this competition.

Exercising regularly, spending time outside, and not eating like you’re in middle school can do wonders for your attitude. This is advice for everybody, not just our contestants. See, Brandon? We didn’t even have to mention that seven-part Snapchat story you made about pooping.


  • Looks like Jasmine (@greatistjasmine) was able to track down a Whole30-compliant meal on the go. Is that a fruit cup? Can we have a bite? Just a small bite.
  • The Bar Method gave Darby and Adrienne (@greatistdanda) a full month of free classes! Look out for the duo’s foray into barre classes this weekend. Plus, if you want to try it for yourself, Bar Method is offering free classes to new clients on August 20 and 21.
  • Regina (@greatistregina) has almost conquered her sweet tooth and continues to stay strong by swapping conventional desserts with homemade almond milk, cashew butter, and fruit pops. And, as always, our cheerful contestant is brimming with good advice.
  • Meanwhile, Jessi (@greatistmentor) reminded us all how important recovery is: “When you’re going hard with exercise, make sure you’re also going hard with recovery. Enough high-quality sleep + good nutrition = the most important recovery tools. But some soft tissue work like a massage or an acupressure foam roll are way up there too.”