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The Race-Running Duo

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What makes a duo dynamic is their ability to tackle challenges together. Meet Darby Brandon and Adrienne Lewis, two Brooklynites intent on training and completing in a 10K in Prospect Park (a gorgeous green space with quite a few hills). Darby, who is originally from Arkansas, and Adrienne, who is originally from Pennsylvania, both admit it will take a lifestyle shift to get into training mode.

“I think it’s going to be about saying no to the things I want,” Darby says. “I am known for getting fried chicken and french fries.” Adrienne also admits it’s easy to get home from work and just “get comfortable and watch The Bachelorette.” Um, been there.

And there’s another factor that might be problematic: Adrienne’s knee. “I used to run a 10K while I was teaching [with Teach for America], but I’m nervous because my knee might hold me back,” Adrienne says. We’ll be watching closely as she cross-trains with yoga, swimming, and even boxing to ensure that she’s race ready. As for Darby, she’s a former avid tennis player and is excited to get back into working out. “I’m entering my adult life, and it’s time to set habits for the rest of my life,” Darby says. We couldn’t agree more.