The Fresh Starter

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Most people hate moving. But for Brandon Miller, a visiting professor of communications at University of the Pacific, moving goes with the territory. “You don’t always get to choose where you live in academia,” Brandon says.

During the past several years, Brandon has lived in Toronto, Missouri, NYC—and he just moved to Sacramento, California. (Yes, he moved one week before the start of GreatistYou.) But starting out in a new town, making new friends, and adjusting to a new job aren’t the only goals on which Brandon will be focusing. He’ll also be trying to lose 12 pounds over the next six weeks. “I think the biggest challenge will be a lack of support in Sacramento,” Brandon says. Sometimes, doing things alone—and not having an extra push from a roommate or best friend—can make sticking to healthy goals even harder, Brandon says. But something tells us, he won’t have trouble making new friends—and in the meantime, we know he’ll get plenty of virtual support.