For years, doctors and oncologists encouraged breast cancer survivors who underwent mastectomies to have reconstructive surgery as a way to feel whole again. Most women still elect to have the surgery, but as The New York Times reported, a growing number are choosing to live without breasts.

The trend even has a name: going flat. And the women behind it are connecting with one another on social media to show others that every body—with or without breasts—is beautiful.

Check out these gorgeous, raw photos of women celebrating their choice to go flat:

Obviously the decision to have reconstructive surgery lies solely with each individual breast-cancer survivor—and whatever they choose doesn’t make them any less badass. But we’re happy the women in these photos are sending the message that reconstructive surgery isn’t the only option, especially considering it comes with a higher risk of complication than the average elective surgery.

To learn more about the women featured in the photos above, check out the full story.