About a year ago my dentist recommended I switch to an electric toothbrush. I’m a minimalist, so I wasn’t thrilled about swapping out my Japanese charcoal brush for an Oral-B clunker. But clearly my manual guy wasn’t getting the job done, so I sucked it up and added the least-offensive electric toothbrush to my Amazon cart.

And OK, yes, it probably cleaned my teeth better—at the very least, it forced me to brush for a full two minutes. But I also kept forgetting to charge it (defeating the purpose) and order new brush heads (pretty sure I used the one it came with for a good eight or nine months). And I know it’s silly, but I hated the way it looked on my bathroom counter.

Then I came across Goby. No, I didn’t really need another toothbrush, but look at it! The monochrome version (I have the black, but it comes in white and pink as well) reminds me of my charcoal one but works way better. And amazingly, it was cheaper than my Oral-B.

Like most electric toothbrushes, Goby pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to change sections of your mouth and shuts off at the two-minute mark—not unique, sure, but life-changing if you’re anything like me and get bored with brushing after 15 seconds.

Unlike my Oral-B, Goby doesn’t stand up on its own (it comes with a separate base), which took some getting used to. But it’s also much shorter, so even with the stand, it fits better in most medicine cabinets. Although, since it looks so good, I don’t mind leaving it out, which helps me actually remember to charge it. It also comes with a magnetic USB charger that’s great for traveling since you don’t have to pack the stand or the plug.

But one of my favorite things is how easy Goby makes replacing your brush head. The power button lights up when it’s time for a new one (which apparently is every three months), and you can sign up to get the replacement automatically shipped to you for just $6.

The way I see it: If you’re supposed to use something twice a day every day, you should probably love it.

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