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Photos by The Sill

Looking to grow your indoor jungle the easy way? We’ve got a trick for you: think like nature does.

If you’re building up trop forest vibes or a desert climate in your home, there’s plenty of new plants who will do well with your green family. We put together an easy visual chart of houseplants that have similar care requirements to your currently thriving babies.

It’s really this simple: if you succeeded in keeping one of the plants on the left alive (or vise versa), try out its care counterpart. Make survival even more foolproof by placing these plants in your space next to each other.

Both these structural beauties are low-light tolerant, making them the perfect picks for a ground floor apartment or office cubicle. Watering rules are the same, thanks to their succulent characteristics.

These hardy succulents aren’t thirsty gals but they love drinking together while basking in bright direct light. A telltale sign that it’s time to water is wrinkling or curling leaves, paired with bone dry potting mix.

Pothos and philodendron are twins that not only look alike, they eat, sleep, and sunbathe in the same way too. Both plants have trailing, heart-shaped leaves that are most often vibrant green or green/white variegation.

The broad green leaves on these striking, oversized beauties do best in bright sunlight and stable temperatures. They’ll need to be watered about every 1–2 weeks, depending on time of year and how quickly their potting mix dries out.

Sit these next to each other and watch them raise and lower their leaves in unison. Nicknamed “prayer plants,” these popular houseplants react in part to their circadian rhythm (a phenomenon known as nyctinasty).

PS: These babes like filtered water, if you have the time.

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