What’s it really like to get a tattoo? Our own editor Jeremy Glass volunteered to show us by adding another to his growing collection. Tattoo No. 17 honors his family dog—who’s alive and well, in case you were wondering.

We headed to Gnostic Tattoo in Brooklyn where tattooist Leaf Chang created the detailed piece you’ll see in the photos. Before you scroll, check out the video below, where Jeremy tells us more about his tattoos—and why he started getting them in the first place.

You decided to get a tattoo. Hurrah!

You found the right shop.

Still searching? Here’s our handy guide.

First you’ll fill out some paperwork and agree to the shop’s policies.

The artist will sketch your design or show you what he or she already sketched.

You’ll finalize and approve your design.

You’ll select the placement for your tattoo.

The artist will sterilize and shave the area.

Then place the stencil on you.

You’ll get one final look.

The artist will make sure all the tools are ready.

You’ll get (semi) comfortable in a chair or on a table, depending on the tattoo’s placement.

The artist will add ink.

And start tattooing. No turning back now!

It won’t hurt (much).

And before you know it…

You’ll have a shiny, new tattoo.

Lastly, the artist will wrap it up and provide aftercare instructions.

Shot on location at Gnostic Tattoo. Special thanks to Leaf Chang, the staff at Gnostic, and Jeremy Glass.