Flavored lube, condoms, and other edible sex toys are often not nearly as tasty as the labels promise (… tbh, many of them taste pretty vile, like stale chocolate and old socks covered in Fun Dip). We chose to figure out which ones actually delivered—all of the following are surprisingly delicious!

1. Kama Sutra Honey Dust in Sweet Honeysuckle

A light, sweet body powder you can apply with either your fingers or the accompanying feather applicator. It leaves your skin soft and dry, so you can cover yourself tip-to-toe or select areas you’d like your partner to focus on, like a little, hidden treasure map. Don’t bother with the other flavors—have you ever had a fake strawberry flavor that tasted right?—but the sweet honeysuckle is simple and solid.($19; amazon.com)

2. Modern Love Essentials Organic Warming Intimate Body Creme in Cinnamon and Clove

This stuff smells and tastes pretty freaking amazing, which makes sense since it’s made with high-quality organic coconut oil. (Honestly, just a jar of the regular stuff from Trader Joe’s is going to do you right.) This is the warming version, but the same company also makes a neutral tangerine and vanilla flavor, and a cooling mint option. We can’t vouch for the others from experience (though they both get rave reviews), but the warming one is excellent.($20; amazon.com)

3. Aloe Cadabra Organic Peppermint Lube

Flavored lubes usually taste like you accidentally melted a plastic army guy into an off-brand Jolly Rancher, and feel about the same way on your skin. This lube isn’t sticky and tastes faintly of peppermint. Plus, it’s vegan, made from food-grade aloe vera, and is really good for sensitive skin. Pro tip: If it starts to dry out, just sprinkle a little water on it and you’ll be good to go again. This brand’s lubes come in a range of flavors, including vanilla, mango, and, uh, butter rum (… we’ll admit we’re curious about that one).($11; amazon.com)

4. Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Lube With CBD & Kava

So if you live in a state where weed is legal, you should totally check out THC-infused lubes, which many are claiming lead to crazy-long orgasms. For the rest of us, there’s CBD lube, which is still hella, hella good. This one is made with a coconut oil base (so not for use with latex condoms!) and has a light mint-chocolate flavor. Users say it can help decrease tension and enhance pleasure, and we have to say, we agree.($48; foriawellness.com)

5. Candy G-String

Look, does this candy G-string actually taste really good? Like, no, of course not—but neither do those little candy paper dots or regular candy necklaces. The real question is: Does it taste hella nostalgic, like you’re teenagers half-seductively nibbling candy bracelets off each other’s wrists again? Sure does. You can seriously spark that feeling with some grown-up fun in this thing.($8; Amazon)

6. Candy Cock Ring

Same basic situation as the above, but… you know. There’s also a candy “posing pouch,” depending on how many layers deep you want to go with the whole candy theme (what a reveal with a candy cock ring underneath!).($7; amazon.com)

7. Kink Lab Jawbreaker Ball Gag

If you’re into some fun, kinky sh*t, this ball gag is an extremely playful variation on the classic red rubber ball.($11; amazon.com)

8. Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel in Cotton Candy

This oral sex gel tastes freaking exactly like cotton candy, so it’s basically like an extremely naughty visit to a carnival. Plus, it claims to help increase sensitivity (although we haven’t noticed that part ourselves).($8; amazon.com)

9. BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy

Let’s be real: This is basically Pop Rocks for blow jobs. Try these fizzing candies in an assorted pack of three flavors (strawberry, cherry, and apple). The popping and fizzing in your mouth are super fun and add a whole other element of surprise for your partner as well.($6; Amazon)

10. HighOnLove Vegan Chocolate Body Paint

Made with rich dark chocolate and premium-grade hemp seed oil, this body paint was designed to be an aphrodisiac. A lot of chocolate sex products taste kind of waxy and gross, but this one is awesome! (Alternatively, follow this recipe for DIY chocolate body paint—if you use high-quality chocolate and cocoa powder, it’ll taste ah-maz-ing).($48; highonlove.ca)

11. Lube Life Water-Based Watermelon-Flavored Lubricant

Lube doesn’t have to be nasty-tasting! In fact, some are downright pleasant. We haven’t tried this one, but as always, we think the experts know best. “This is my absolute favorite flavored lubricant. It tastes phenomenal and is the perfect way to enhance your pleasure during foreplay,” says Christiana Cinn, adult performer and former Penthouse Pet who has graced the cover of Hustler magazine four times. Plus, it’s sugar-free!($8; amazon.com)

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