Scroll back a few months on Cheyann Shaw’s Instagram feed and you’ll see plenty of mirror selfies from the gym. They look like every other fitness Instagrammers’ posts: arms flexed, abs on display, booty popped, plus a motivating caption.

This past August, Shaw was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but that hasn’t stopped her from posting photos. Her Instagrams are unapologetically raw. Her recent before-and-after photo, for example, stopped us in our tracks:

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Whoa! Give yourself a second to process that. We’re used to before-and-after photos showing a specific type of progress. This shows progress of a different sort—learning to embrace and love your body even when it seems to be turning against you.

Through surgeries and many rounds of chemo, Shaw has stayed strong and continues to share an inspiring message about always fighting back. We’ll let her powerful photos (and captions!) take it from here:

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