We, as humans, are getting pretty good at living our lives the #healthyish way. For us, that means lots of exercise, lots of ice cream, and lots of learning how to balance the two. But what does healthyish look like for our dogs? That we don’t know.

In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, we decided to find out. With the help of our friends at PetInsider, we asked three of our favorite pups to take over our Instagram this weekend and show us what a day in their life looks like. Sound adorable? We know. And it gets cuter—just wait until you meet the dogs.

Rambo the Puppy
Taking over Friday, August 25
Likes: Roasting marshmallows on the fire, wine (preferably white), and long walks on the beach.
Dislikes: Baths. That’s it, really.

Reagan Doodle
Taking over Saturday, August 26
Likes: Kids, yoga, and anything to do with the water—boating, beaches, swimming, you name it.
Dislikes: Rainy days, haircuts, and sharing food.

Sneakers the Corgi
Taking over Sunday, August 27
Likes: Pizza. Also sunglasses, but mostly pizza.
Dislikes: Mondays.

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