Nobody likes d*cks as much as myONE Perfect Fit. After 13 years of testing and perfecting, the brand finally launched a line of condoms that come in 60 different sizes. Yep, 6-0. That’s nuts.

A recent study found only about one-third of American men use condoms. That’s bad. Especially since condoms are still the only way to prevent STIs. The reason? According to myONE Perfect Fit founder Davin Wedel, it’s because they don’t fit properly. And nobody likes to wear things that don’t fit, duh.

That’s where myONE Perfect Fit comes in. Here’s how it works: Print out the FitKit at home, size yourself up using the templates, and enter your measurements. The condoms come in sizes like M77 and Z22, so they’re completely meaningless—exactly how penis size should be. Hopefully these custom condoms will make protected sex feel better and encourage the other two-thirds of American men to start using a rubber.

Check out the brand’s official promo video below: