Cooking is an art. As a person with very little in the way of culinary skills, I think that’s indisputable. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I had more prowess in the kitchen.

If you’re also truly great at eating food (but maybe not so much at making it), then you’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of attempting to cook for your partner, hoping to surprise and wow them with your previously undiscovered skills.

1. I love cooking.

I have never cooked before, but I love it.

2. Some things just come naturally.

What can I say? I’m gifted.

3. Basically, I was born ready.

How hard can it be, right?

4. This recipe will be a piece of cake.

I’ve SO got this.

5. Prepare to be impressed.

Seriously, brace yourself.

6. Googling how to crack an egg.

Just a little preparation, because cooking is harder than it looks. Every good chef Googles, am I right?

7. How I think I look:


8. How I actually look:

I’m messy, but the magic is happening, right?

9. My brain is telling my hands to make this happen.

… but I thought my hands would be better at this.

10. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Fire!!!!


11. Maybe a little more wine will help?

In the recipe, and in my mouth.

12. How did the ingredients get everywhere?

But I looked so cute before.

13. Why did I suggest this?

Ordering in would’ve been so easy.

14. Must. Slice. Perfectly.

Concentrate. Don’t slice fingers.

15. Add a little bit of this.

You know, for flavor. #effortless

16. Um… something bad happened.

Send help.

17. This doesn’t look like the photo in the recipe book…

Did I miss a step?

18. The relationship’s over, right?

We can’t be good at everything, OK?!

19. Perhaps this is salvageable?


20. Time for the backup plan.