Starting the day without coffee is anything but ideal, and it can be downright scary to interact with the world before you have your trusty mug in hand. Discovering the right mug for your personality is an extremely important task—a cup with the right message says everything a pre-caffeine you isn't ready to, after all. If you're in the market for a new one, check out the nine most popular coffee mugs from, a platform for discovering the latest trending products, below.

There's a Chance This Is Wine Coffee Mug

This mug is for those of you who tell the time of day by the drink in your hand—coffee as black as it comes means it's the a.m., but a full-bodied red means it's finally evening. You need this mug if every once in awhile that wine makes an appearance in your mug before 5 o'clock—just to keep everyone around you on their toes.


Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug

If you're the kind of person who should be avoided at all costs before coffee, this is the mug for you. It does the important talking and lets you communicate in grunts and eye rolls, as nature intended. After all, everyone has that one friend who should only be greeted in the a.m. with caffeine (just coffee, no "hello"), and if you don't know who it is, it's you.


Not My Cup of Tea

Ah, yes. The tea drinker. There's at least one in every group of friends, and this mug is for you. If you always have a kettle going on the stove, no matter what time of day or year it is, this is the way to show it. Come on, you don't want anyone to mistake you for a coffee drinker, do you?


Middle Child Coffee Mug

The best way to honor a middle child is to forget about them, right? Not anymore. This mug is for everyone who got the dregs of coffee and the measly half-piece of bacon at family breakfasts, no matter how early they got to the table. We think it's pretty decent compensation for a shortchanged childhood.


Nope Coffee Mug

Is adulting the worst? Are you over everything and everyone? Seems that way, and this mug is going to be how you communicate that you just. can't. from now on. It—and the coffee inside—are quickly going to turn into the best parts of your morning.


But First Coffee To-Go Mug

The carrier of this mug's day is scheduled from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and that's a fact. They have a workout class at 6 a.m., a coffee meeting at 8, and three items checked off their to-do list before 9. The rest of their day is more of the same, and you can rest assured this to-go mug will be refilled approximately 10 times before it's all over.


Beach, Please Coffee Mug

Most people like the beach, but the owner of this coffee mug loves it in a way the rest of us can only imagine. They might keep this mug at their desk, but their minds are always wandering to the nearest waves. Oh, and don't even think about arguing about whether beaches or mountains are better—their response will be "Beach, please."


Hustlin' Coffee Mug

This mug is for all of you #girlbosses out there. Your desk is perfectly organized with your pristine planner, color-coded pens, and of course, a full cup of coffee. The hustle is real, and so are the constant trips to the coffee pot for refills.


Girls Just Want to Be CEO Mug

This shouldn't need to be on a mug. It's just inherently true. But just in case those around you need a reminder, this is the mug to bring to your next meeting in the boardroom. Let them know you're here to play for keeps.


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