When it comes to running, some of us can think of a million things we’d rather do, while others can’t live without it. But no matter where we fall on that spectrum, most of us hold the same stereotypes of what runners look like. But as plus-size model Candice Huffine reminds us in an interview with Women’s Running, you don’t need to have a specific body type or be able to run a certain number of miles to be a runner:

“We limit ourselves before we ever even start… We’re all going to look different and we’re all going to be at different levels for life. It’s not like ‘I’m a runner once I get to this speed or once I’ve gone this distance.’ I put on my shoes, I went outside and ran, and I feel confident that I am a runner.”

Huffine started running after her husband dared her to run a half-marathon, and she got hooked. But when fans started to see more and more photos of her working out, some felt betrayed. “When it came to doing the half-marathon, people immediately thought that I was trying to change my body—that I no longer wanted to be a curvy woman,” Huffine told Women’s Running.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Huffine loves her body and wants to remind us that weight loss doesn’t have to be the reason you work out.