Sex as a replacement for cardio is something we can all get behind. But according to a new study, it doesn’t actually burn that many calories.

The researchers used a 154-pound man for their calculations (the average self-reported weight of an American man is actually 191 pounds, so just keep that in mind). They found out he burns about 3.5 calories per minute (that’s 210 per hour) during a “stimulation and orgasm session” (sounds super sexy, right?).

While that might sound pretty good, the rate of calorie burn is more comparable to walking at a moderate pace than any type of intense exercise. And let’s get real: Who’s really having sex for an hour every single time? Most people are getting it on for just under six minutes, which would burn only 21 calories. Womp, womp.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re not saying you should ditch all your sexy time and spend it in the gym. Or that exercise is only about the number of calories you burn (especially since we know calorie counting is flawed). Just know that while sex is great (and comes with tons of benefits), it’s not exactly a workout.