Your most loyal friends have pledged to keep you calm when the flowers inevitably arrive late and to tackle the ridiculous number of buttons and ribbons required to bustle your dress. So it’s important to find a non-cheesy way to say thanks. These heartfelt gifts will demonstrate your gratitude to the incredible members of your Wedding Support Team, er, bridesmaids.

1. Lucy Folk Friendship Bracelet

Remind your crew you’ll always be BFFL with this throwback to your summer camp days.($65;

2. Golden Fortune Cookie

Tell your maids just how lucky you are to have them by penning a personalized message inside this pretty, everlasting fortune cookie—then go grab some takeout together.($30;

3. Energy Cleansing Kit

Say it with us: Out with the bad vibes, in with the good. Some might call it hocus-pocus, but why not play it safe and banish any drama before it starts with an energy-cleansing kit?($35;

4. Clare V. Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch

A monogrammed leather pouch to hold their most valued treasures and important wedding-day accessories becomes extra thoughtful when marked with your bridesmaids’ initials.($75;

5. Leather iPhone Case

Practical, stylish, and super durable, these leather phone cases stamped with your maids’ initials are the ideal option for those in your group who text more than they talk. ($28;

6. Pursoma Happy Body Detox Set

Take the at-home spa experience to the next level with Pursoma’s gift set that includes a detox body soak, a reenergizing bath, and an exfoliating body brush.($75;

7. Lovability Ultimate Power Pack

It may be your wedding night, but who’s to say who else might get lucky? Consider this the ultimate hookup starter pack.($34;

8. Body Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep—especially after an unforgettable night celebrating ~*true love*~.($38;

9. Pintrill Ladies Pin Pack

When you can’t exactly put a friendship’s worth of memories into words, allow these emoji pins to do the trick. ($55,

10. Leather Triangle Trinket Dish

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Tidy that is, thanks to this sweet token, which is sure to get tons of use organizing all those whosits and whatsits galore.($18;

11. Private Party Bridesmaid Swimsuit

Perfect for your bachelorette weekend, these cheeky one-pieces will take them from SUP yoga to poolside lounging.($99;