Love really is a drug, and we’re all hooked. So what happens, biologically speaking, when you fall off the wagon? Or, in less allegorical terms, what happens to your body when you go through a breakup? The easy answer is that you go into withdrawal. This video from Bustle shows that the areas of the brain that light up after a breakup are similar to those of someone who is going through cocaine withdrawal. Yikes! That explains those irrational and existential thoughts and feelings (no one will ever love me again, what is love anyway?).

If scientists know why breakups feel like sh*t, do they also know how to heal heartbreak? Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet. The most important thing is to rely on friends and family, both as a safeguard against bad decisions and as an outlet for confusing thoughts. It’s also essential to realize that emotional healing takes time, so don’t stress if you don’t immediately bounce back.