It seems like everyone is talking about being “body positive” these days, and the message is often the same: Love your body. F*ck society’s standards. You’re beautiful.

It’s not a bad message, but photographer Anastasia Kuba thinks it leaves something out. She wants us to hear the stories behind each body. That’s the premise of her incredibly raw series Nothing but Light.

Kuba’s subjects pose nude and makeup free for the photos, which are shot in natural light and not retouched. The conversations about each person’s—at times complicated and always humanizing—relationship with their bodies are included as captions.

Below we’ve featured Mason from the series. See more moving images and read the full story on The Huffington Post.

“I have such an intricate relationship with my shell I don’t even know where to begin. We have survived drug exposure in utero, six orthopedic surgeries, non-consensual sexual reassignment, ‘gender confirmation’ surgeries, sexual assault, two eating disorders, and permanently disabling injuries sustained due to racial profiling. Now while one of those things could kill a person or break their spirit, my body prevails day in day out, and I am perpetually astonished by the nine lives I’ve been granted by it.” — Mason