Losing weight can be a healthy choice sometimes, but it’s rarely easy. OK, let’s be real, it can completely suck. So in solidarity with your journey, here are 17 Beyoncé GIFs that totally encapsulate the ups and downs of weight loss. And who could possibly inspire you more?!

1. Feeling determined AF to conquer your weight-loss goals once and for all.

So. Ready.

2. When you announce that you’d like to shed a few pounds and someone says, “But you look fine.”

Go away.

3. Eliminating all the processed foods from your freezer and cabinets.

To all the foods I’ve loved before: Don’t take it personal, but off in the trash bin you go.

Serena would definitely approve.

It is what it is.

6. Calorie counting is annoying AF, but hey, if it’s working…

I hate math.

7. Fighting the urge to devour an entire bag of chips.

*takes deep breaths*

8. Approaching cheat days like…

The heart wants what it wants.

9. Channeling your inner Beyoncé in all your Zumba classes.

I ain’t sorry.

10. Flaunting those brand new curves like…

‘Cause my body’s bootylicious for ya babe.

11. Stumbling across a no-added-sugar dessert that actually tastes good.

God is good.

12. When you realize you’re more than halfway toward your weight goals.

This calls for a mini celebration.

13. Documenting your progress through photos.

You better werk!

14. Bouncing back like a boss after facing a minor setback (they happen!).

Beyoncé said it best.

15. Driving past your favorite fast-food joint but opting to cook a healthy meal instead.

‘Cause I slay in the kitchen.

16. Actual footage of me trying to drop those last 10 pounds:

Can’t stop, won’t stop now.

17. It’s a long road, but you’re staying the course.