Between long workdays and that show you can’t stop binging, it’s hard to get a good night’s rest. Quality of sleep affects so many other aspects of life—critical thinking, athletic performance, even food cravings—it’s no wonder we’re always trying to get better at it. Easier said than done, though… right?

One easy way to improve your sleep is to make your bedroom the quiet, restful environment you deserve. The good folks at Wirecutter are here to help—they’ve tested hundreds of products and rounded up their favorites to encourage that much-needed shut-eye. Here’s the best of what’s out there.

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1. The Best Sleep Mask

Whether you’re trying to sleep on a plane or in a room that’s too bright, you want a mask that’s comfortable—preferably so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it at all. The Nidra Deep Rest mask is designed so your eyes can still move under the contoured cups, andWirecutter found it to be less restrictive than other masks. Even better: It fits a variety of faces.($11.95;

2. The Best Earplugs

Earplugs can feel super tight and awkward, but Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs were designed for small or sensitive ears (though they’ll fit all but the largest ear canals) so they’re less uncomfortable to wear. Plus they beat out the competition in Wirecutter’s tests by blocking out the most noise. We’re sold.($10.79;

3. The Best Foam Mattress for Side and Stomach Sleepers

For most people, a mattress needs to hit the sweet spot—just firm enough without putting pressure on the hips and back. The Leesa foam mattress hugs your body without making you feel too hot or constricted. It’s firmer at the edges than most models, and its soft surface feels great under thin sheets. As a bonus, it has the best exterior design out of all other mattresses tested.($835 for a queen;

4. The Best Foam Mattress for Rotators or Split Couples

If you and your partner switch sides of the bed often or sleep on your back, the Casper foam mattress is a better bet than Leesa. It’s a leader in the box-and-ship field for a reason—the classic model is versatile and breathable and provides great support for people looking for a firmer mattress. It offers only slightly less sink than the Leesa for side sleepers, and though it runs a bit warmer, overall it’s an awesome choice.($995 for a queen;

5. The Best Foam Mattress for Back Sleepers

While it’s probably too firm for side sleeping, the Tuft & Needle foam mattress is great for back sleepers and anyone who wants a super-firm feel. Wirecutter says it’s about “as firm as foam can get before it becomes uncomfortable,” thanks to the two-layer design that keeps it soft on top and supportive underneath. It’s also less expensive than the competition, making it a great budget pick (or guest room option).($575 for a queen;

6. The Best White Noise Machine

If your roommate snores or your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking at 2 a.m., a quality white noise machine could be a game changer. The LectroFan is small, easily adjustable in the dark, and super effective at blocking out a wide array of sounds. It even fits easily into a suitcase if you want to bring it on vacation.($49.99;

7. The Best Blackout Curtains

The darker you make your bedroom at night, the easier it will be to fall asleep fast. The Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Window Curtains come in six different colors and block out light almost completely, day or night. They’re also made of nicer fabric than the competition. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a cave (in the best way possible).($32.99 for 54-inch panel;

8. The Best Duvet Cover

If you want a duvet cover that’s soft, lightweight, and easy to clean, the Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover is about to be your new favorite thing. It’s made of high-quality cotton, won’t shrink in the wash, and comes in a variety of classic colors. Plus, it’s just as comfortable as more expensive options, and it’s durable enough to last you for years. Wear it out to your heart’s content—this cover will be in your life for a while.($95 for a full/queen;

9. The Best Percale Sheets

For classic cotton sheets, look no further than the L.L.Bean Pima Cotton Percale Sheets. Wirecutter has ranked them as a top pick for four years running, and it’s easy to see why—they’re breathable and just as durable as pricier competition. These are especially great for warmer temperatures because of their crisp and cool feel. They’ll remind you of soft hotel sheets.($149 for a queen set;

10. The Best Sateen Sheets

If you like a silkier feel to your sheets, the Royal Velvet 400 TC WrinkleGuard Sheets are a great option. They’re slightly heavier than the percale variety, but they wrinkle less and are smoother on your skin. They also feel super luxurious, which means you’ll sleep like a king or queen. (C’mon, they’re called royal for a reason… )($79.99 for a queen set;

11. The Best Pillow

Wirecutter’s sleep experts agree there is no best pillow for everyone, but if there’s one that works for most people, it’s definitely the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. The shredded foam means the pillow won’t feel too stiff, but it also provides excellent support for back sleepers, side sleepers, and many stomach sleepers. It’s fairly moldable depending on your sleeping position preference.($49.97 for standard size;

12. The Best Comforter

A great comforter is a classic item you need for a great night’s sleep. After researching more than 100 models, Wirecutter chose The Company Store’s Alberta Euro Down Comforter as the best of the bunch. It has three different warmth options (light, medium, and extra warm) and one of the softest covers out there. It’s also made with eco-certified materials with a lifetime guarantee, so you can feel good about your purchase.($329 for a queen;

13. The Best Lightweight Blanket

For a blanket you can throw on the bed year-round, try The Vermont Country Store Constant Comfort Blanket. Wirecutter found it to be comfortable under a comforter in a cooler room or with a sheet in a warmer room. It keeps its shape through multiple washes and can even tuck into a mattress when you’re making your bed. Snuggle up in this even when it’s hot outside… we won’t judge.($144.95 for a queen;