First came online shopping, then came the age of subscription boxes. If you’re too busy (or just too lazy) to go out and do all your shopping IRL, let the shopping come to you. Or so we say.

But not all subscription boxes are worth it—and trust us, you want them to be when you’re paying a premium to get curated items sent to your door. So which ones are worth the investment? We think these four: They don’t necessarily deliver the essentials (you still have to buy your own toilet paper, sorry), but they deliver some great items at a not-quite-so-astronomical price.

Here are the boxes that we can’t never want to live without.

1. Hubble

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Contact lenses are one of the most complicated and confusing things out there. Between having to call your eye doctor every time you’re running low and having to order them on random third-party websites and wait weeks for them to arrive, contact lenses are flat-out annoying.That’s why we can’t live without Hubble. It sends you 30 days of daily-wear contacts lenses every month for just $33. All you have to do is plug in your prescription, your eye doctor’s name, and Hubble does the rest. Oh, and you can use your vision insurance to pay for it. Cha-ching.($33;

2. Billie

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At least for women, razor blades are crazy expensive. So much so that most drugstores lock up their boxes of razor blades and you have to flag down a sales associate to get you one. It’s nuts.Enter Billie. It’s a subscription service that sends you a box if four razor blades for $9. ($9!!!) Depending on how regularly you shave, you can get a box of blades every one, two, or three month(s). It’ll also send you a free razor (in a cute color of your choice!) and magnetic holder with your first order of blades. Ya can’t beat it, and any razor company with awesome hair-positive ads is cool with us.($9;

3. Winc

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Love wine but don’t know the difference between a pinot grigio and a chardonnay? Don’t sweat it.Winc is a wine club that not only delivers four hand-picked bottles of vino a month, but also learns your preferences through the reviews you give for each bottle.You pick the bottles every month (so you control the box’s cost) based on Winc’s recommendations—which are based on your reviews of previous bottles. So the more boxes you get, the more reviews you leave, and the better Winc can tailor your box to your preferences. Pretty cool, huh?(Bottles start at $13;

4. Sun Basket

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When life gets in the way of dinner, it’s easy to fall back on takeout (every. single. night). But if you’re missing fresh vegetables and healthy proteins in your life, try Sun Basket. It’s a meal kit delivery service that sends three recipes (for either two or four people) every week straight to your door. You get to choose from 18 recipe options that change every week and can also switch between the different plans—think gluten-free, Paleo, lean and clean, vegetarian, etc. Every recipe cooks up in 30 minutes or less and tastes restaurant-level good. Bon appétit!(Starting at $10.99 per serving;

Just a heads up that on occasion we partner with awesome brands to bring you products that we know you’ll love and, if by chance, you click on a link and purchase it, we may collect a referral fee as a result. But don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and we wouldn’t recommend a product if we didn’t love it as much as we love puppies.