I’ve been on a quest to find the softest sheets pretty much my entire life. Yes, this is an expensive hobby. Yes, I have many, many sets of spare sheets. But it’s all worth it because, guys, I finally found the softest, coolest, best sheets on the planet: Parachute Sateen Sheets.

If you’re like me and prefer your bed to stay as cold as the arctic tundra, Parachute sheets are it. They’re the softest option that won’t absorb your body heat, so you stay cool all night.

Even my dog (@sir.mitts.a.lot, follow him) loves them—and, more importantly, can’t destroy them with his digging. They’ve even withstood his dirty New York City paws and remained white… unlike many sheets before them.

Sheet sets start at $129, so they’re bit of a splurge. But you’re getting the good stuff—they’re 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton. Trust me, they’ll be the last sheets you buy, so they’re worth every penny.

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