You may have already heard the news: Ariana Grande just joined a growing group of musicians who have canceled shows to focus on their physical or mental health. Though it may be disappointing for fans, this is a really good thing—we give major props to anyone who prioritizes self-care in their lives, especially someone with as much star power as Grande.

She broke the news to fans with a post on her Instagram stories, apologizing and explaining she’s “dealing with some health problems at the moment.”

Grande isn’t the only celeb putting herself over her work. In the last year alone, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Kanye West have all canceled shows to take care of various mental health issues.

With self-care becoming an increasingly talked-about issue, celebrities are finally revealing they need days off just like the rest of us. Figuring out how to balance our health and our commitments isn’t easy, so we’re excited to see more people in the spotlight set a good example by taking breaks when they need it.