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Get connected with GE Appliances. GE Appliances are Wi-Fi connected so you can easily manage laundry from your phone. That way you never have to wear the same jeans four days in a row again.

Adulting isn't just hard—it's time-consuming. Working 9-5 (or, let's be real, 8-8), trying to feed yourself healthy things, and keeping up with chores leave little time for the things you actually want to do (like finally finish The Crown).

We're teaming up with our friends at GE Appliances to bring you simple tips and recipes that'll make getting things done much, much easier—plus give you ideas for a few new things to try with all that free time you'll have on your hands.

GE Appliances

How to Keep Your Home Clean Without Losing the Whole Weekend

"Just put the hamper where the clothes pile ends up—you’ll use it."