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Woman Scrolling Through Instagram Food Pics

6 "Healthy" Instagram Food Trends That Don't Always Live Up to the Hype

Even the prettiest bowls could be total gut bombs.
This Instagram Trend Is Changing How We Weigh Ourselves
Instagram Updates Healthier
Wellness Ted Feature
High-Fat Diets on Instagram
Mariah Carey
Milly Smith

Go Ahead and Wear Spanx, but Don’t Squirm at the Photo on the Right

We're all for self-confidence, but not when it comes at a cost.
Mama Cax
Can You Tell Male and Female Nipples Apart? Because Instagram Only Bans One

We Bet You Can't Tell These Male and Female Nipples Apart

Spoiler: Instagram couldn't tell, either.
Amanda Ramirez
Empowering Instagram
body posi panda instagram

She Weighs the Same in Both Photos—the Change Is Something You Can't See

"Here's a reminder that you are 100% capable of changing how you see yourself."
lena dunham red carpet
lena dunham sick

Lena Dunham Wants You to Stop Giving People Sh*t for Taking Sick Days

Her response came after fans shamed her for skipping a book signing when she was ill.
Inspiring Before and After That's About Gaining Weight
This Instagrammer Gets Totally Real About the Struggle to Love Yourself As Is
Push-Up Challenge
chair traverse
Anne Hathaway

There's a Big Problem With All the "Healthy" Products Trainers Post on Instagram

We're not saying you should never buy anything, just take Instagram with a grain of salt.
Goldie Hawn Drinking Green Juice
Amy Schumer Next to a Literal Greek Goddess Shows How Beauty Standards Have Changed
This Fake Restaurant Only Serves Food You Can Instagram

This Fake Restaurant Only Serves Food You Can Instagram

You weren’t going to eat that anyway, right?
Anna Victoria Instagram Photo of Stomach Rolls

The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Instagram Fitness Star's Stomach Rolls

Bad angles (and belly rolls) are a reality of life.