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What Is Holiday Heart Syndrome?

Holiday Heart Syndrome Is a Legit Concern This Time of Year

Yes, it does sound more like a Hallmark movie.
7 Cheap Superfoods That Are Good for Your Heart

7 Cheap Superfoods That Are Good for Your Heart

No need to spend your life savings on a single green juice.
Fish Oil Feature

You Should Probably Stop Taking Fish Oil Pills

All those gross fish burps for nothing.
Exercise Health Benefits

What's the Least Amount of Exercise You Can Do and Still Be Healthy?

Because sometimes you just want to do the bare minimum.
couple making out in bed
This Fitness Model Doesn't Have a Heart (Literally), but He's Still Crushing It
Lonely Man Sitting in the Park

New Study Says Loneliness Can Literally Hurt Your Heart

Spending too much time alone could increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.
Your Body on Coffee
The Pros and Cons

Is Chocolate Actually Healthy?

The pros and cons of the beloved bar (and brownie, and pudding, and cupcake).
How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor
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The Science of a Broken Heart – And How to Recover from Heartbreak 2K
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The Best Health and Fitness Tool You're Not Using
CPR Chest Compressions
This One-Minute Video Will Turn You into a Life-Saving Superhero
If Pollution Wasn't Bad Enough, Now It Officially Causes Cancer
Does Oral Health Predict Overall Health? 3K
Can Too Much Cardio Hurt My Heart?
Is Sitting With Legs Crossed Unhealthy?

Is Sitting With Legs Crossed Unhealthy?

Get the facts straight: Research suggests crossing the legs might not be a health hazard.

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