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Binaural Beats

The Mysterious Beats That Could Help You Sleep Better

This is your brain. This is your brain on binaural beats.
Man Jogging With Tracker 70K

The 41 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Get those thumbs ready.
Woman Meditating and Doing Yoga in Her Living Room
Screenshots of Shapa app
Screenshots of Greater app
Person using Google Maps for directions on iPhone
Instagram Updates Healthier
e bike

What Even Is an E-Bike and Why Would I Want One?

So it's not a motorcycle, right?
Huddle App Feature
What’s the Deal With Vibrating Fitness Equipment, and Does It Really Work?
fitbit ionic smartwatch
13 Meditation Apps to Help You Calm Down, Chill Out, and Relax

13 Meditation Apps That Make Doing It Every Day Easier

Guaranteed to be more soothing than Pokemon Go.
Snapping a Photo of Your Meal and Instantly Getting the Calorie Count Is a Horrible Idea
Pokemon Go
Two People Checking Their Phones

Want to Stop Checking Your Phone So Much? Do This

Life is a lot less exciting (and tempting to scroll through) in black and white.
Sick Woman Blowing Nose
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Are You Actually "Addicted" To Your Phone

These Are the Real Signs of Smartphone Addiction

It might be time for a digital detox.
How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor
Greatist and KIND Snacks Reconnect Movement 7K

Join the Reconnect Movement!

Sometimes you have to disconnect to rediscover the things that truly matter.
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7 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Day This Week

It's amazing what can happen when you quit burying your face in your phone.
Tiffany Shlain
Resisting the urge to type, text, and post is no small feat. We're here to help. 34K

The 7-Day Digital Detox for Real People

Resisting the urge to type, text, and post is no small feat. We're here to help.
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