Healthy for Every Body

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F*ck trying to be perfect. Just try.

Traditional media still has an awful long way to go when it comes to helping people get healthy. Even if promises of “six-pack abs” and “bikini bodies” are behind us and body positivity is for real now, "healthy” has still been co-opted by celebs and 1-percenter lifestyle gurus as entertainment. Suddenly it’s all about fancy athleisure and matcha detoxes instead of what’s real.

Representing healthy for a select few is not just wrong, it’s bullsh*t.

Healthy is for everybody and every body. Healthy isn't something you can and can't afford. Healthy is about you—regardless of your background, gender, race, size, or shape. It’s about feeling better by doing your thing, not someone else's.

Healthy isn’t about trying to be perfect. It’s simply about trying.

Here’s to healthy for every body.

Greatist Healthy For Every Body
Greatist Healthy For Every Body

The Commitment

We believe in healthy for the 99%. We represent what’s real, doable, and actually good for you. We empower people to improve and celebrate when they get better.

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