Hate it or love it, a lot of people smoke pot. Sorry. The green herb might be most associated with re-runs of Scooby Do, but marijuana’s been hotly debated in the past couple months. Is weed dangerous? And should we care about the government regulating substances even if we don’t smoke up?

The green herb has been hotly debated in the past couple months on topics: Is weed a medical miracle? Should it be decriminalized? Should it be straight-up legalized?

Advocates against weed claim it can impair decision making (much like alcohol), that it’s harder to detect in users (unlike alcohol), and that it’s a “gateway” drug, or a substance that can lead to more serious drug use later on.

Those for it point to the fact that weed may be less harmful than tobacco (though that’s still hotly debated), that it is widely used (even if in secret), and that it has side-effects no worse than controlled substances like alcohol and tabacco.

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There are valid arguments on both sides of the coin, but should people who don’t smoke on the regular care about who gets high and where they do it? Weed has been in use for hundreds of years in cultures around the world, but is it an essential herb or a public nuisance? We’re asking you where you stand amid the changing green landscape. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!