Let’s take a hot sec to talk about Hollywood’s favorite fantasies. Sex on the beach… shower sex… hot tub sexy times… They’re all about the H2-ohhhhhhh.

There’s something undeniably sexy about getting wild in the wet (see what we did there?).

Of course, there are safety hazards in the world of underwater sex. You could lose your balance, for one. Then you’ve got the risks of waterborne infections, saltwater in delicate places, and the real possibility of breaking the law.

Lets check off “sex in the deep end” while keepin’ it steamy and safe.

Keep it on the DL. Classic bedroom romps come with doors that lock. Sex in ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, pools — anything but shower sex — doesn’t. Keep the volume low to avoid a flashlight in the face and a ticket for “public indecency.”

Try something new. While you’re out there testing the waters of fantasyland, get creative. Experiment with new positions or types of stimulation. Maybe you’ll discover new tricks to try on dry land too.

Remember the lube. It seems counterintuitive, but water can really dry you out. It washes away your bod’s natural lubrication. Showers and hot tubs also rinse off water-based lubricants, so stick to silicone!

Worried about floating semen or precum? Your chances of getting preggo from floating fluids are slim. But slim means there’s still a small chance. Though the high temps in a hot tub mean it’s unlikely sperm will last as long as it normally would.

But remember, it’s still possible to get knocked up. Hot tub or not, any penis-in-vagina action can result in pregnancy. If you’re able to get pregnant but don’t want to, take all the usual precautions.

Condoms in the water work the same as they do on dry land. Just put it on before jumping in.

STIs are still a thing. Yep, you can pass along infections in the water. It’s always a good idea to chat with your partner about your STI status. Be open about the last time you were tested. If one of you has an STI, using condoms could help prevent transmission.

Don’t forget the aftercare. Chlorine, salt, disinfectants… seaweed slime? Sex in the water involves a host of skin irritants. Afterward, find a place to pee and rinse your bits. Also rehydrate because you probably just had a stellar workout.

The simplest way to have sex in the water is to get it on in the shower. Consider it a mini waterfall for two!

Why do it?

The shower is a perfect setup for self-pleasure and figuring out what feels good. It’s private, temperature-controlled, and clean. And when you’re in the mood for steamy stand-up sex with a partner, the shower beckons.

Handheld showerheads can be used to massage everything from anuses to nipples to clits. Just make sure you’re not spraying shower water into anyone’s body because it could mess with natural pH levels.

Any reasons not to?

Wellll… you could slip and fall, breaking everything from your collarbone to your pride.

Wave buh-bye to that scenario by investing in an anti-slip shower mat. Bonus points if it’s squishy for extra padding underfoot!

Try it like this

If you’re barely 5 feet tall and your partner could make the (W)NBA, prepare for contortions that require a shower wall for support.

Regardless of height, it’s usually easiest if the receiver’s back or front is against the wall. This offers stability for both parties. Once you’re both balanced and comfy, take the plunge.

Bathtubs are the OG self-care spot. They can also be a sultry, romantic place to cozy up to your partner’s naked body.

The best part?

Tub sex is like the chill, candlelit twin to shower sex. Recline, immerse yourself in warm water, and slowly get it on.

The risks

Wet, warm places are kinda perfect for UTIs. Sprinkling in bath salts, bubbles, or essential oils could exacerbate infection or irritate your delicate bits.

Also, though yeast infections can’t be transmitted through water alone, underwater sex could speed up the spread. If you or your partner has an infection, it’s best to take a raincheck on tub sex.

Try it like this

All you have to do is keep your head above water and do your thing.

Going underwater isn’t a requirement for bathtub sex. Get creative with different positions or types of stimulation. Try sitting on the tub rim or going halfsies — one of you in the tub, one out.

As sexy as it is to imagine sliding over your boo’s body in a tub full of suds, hot tubs have more room to play.


  • Hot tubs have plenty of open water in the center, seats for supporting different positions, and water jets that could add pressure in all the right places.


  • Turns out that hot, chlorinated water can make latex break down, causing condoms to rip or loosen.
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, condoms or other forms of birth control still matter when you’re sexing it up in a hot tub. Chances of pregnancy are the same whether you’re submerged or not.
  • So what’s a horny hot-tubber to do? Talk to your partner about your birth control methods before things start getting steamy.
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Try it like this

Let the water buoy you as you straddle your partner on one of the hot tub seats. Bonus points for strategically positioning yourselves in one of the jet streams! Slowly rock and grind to O-town.

Bathtubs and hot tubs can feel kinda cramped if you’re the adventurous type. With swimming pool sex, the sky’s the limit.

The perks

  1. Room to play. Explore vertically, horizontally, underwater, on the ladder…
  2. Buoyancy. Certain acrobatic sex positions are easy breezy in the water. Break out the kama sutra!
  3. Accessories. Make your pool sex flirty and fun by using pool noodles, floats, or other toys for stability or better flotation.

The drawbacks

Remember how a hot tub can be hotbeds of germs? Same for pools.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 27,000 people got sick after recreational water exposure (pools, waterparks, and so on) between 2000 and 2014. Eight people died. That’s a whole lot of germs and chemicals.

Another strike against pool sex? If you don’t have a pool, you’re kinda stuck. Public pools aren’t a great sex pad because they’re, y’know, public.

Avoid indecent exposure and exposure to germs by relegating sexy times to a private pool.

Try it like this

Newbies can start with some foreplay on the stairs at the shallow end. Get a feel for what’s comfortable, then swim out to the depths at your leisure.

You could also invite your partner to float on their back with their legs wrapped around you while you sit on the stairs or ladder. This allows you to stimulate them with your hands or mouth.

Wanna go completely au naturel? Skip the shower and jump into a river, lake, or ocean for your first water sexcapade.

Fair warning: Sex in the Great Outdoors takes stealth. Don’t get caught in the buff.

The best bits

There’s a lot to love about sex on the open water. Talk about liberating!

There’s the rush of adrenaline from doing something new with your partner. The exhilaration of sex in the water with the wind in your hair. The thrill of oneness with nature (hey, we ain’t nothin’ but mammals, right?).

The downsides

There’s no quality control when it comes to water in nature. Maybe that dreamy pond off your favorite hiking trail is swimming with parasites. There are some microbes you just don’t want near your bits.

To stay as hygienic as possible, aim for shallow water where you can frolic in the buff while still seeing the lakebed — and any critters getting too close to vulnerable body parts.

Unsexy as it seems, it’s also important to check your state and city laws before doing the dirty on public land. If you have access to a private body of water, you should probs just rendezvous there.

Try it like this

Grab a raft or tube and swim out to deeper waters with your lover. Pick a private, isolated spot.

Your partner can lay on the inflatable while you grind against their body to the movement of the waves. Take turns, have fun, float on your back if you need a break!

  • New to underwater sex? Have fun and be safe!
  • Getting down in the shower/hot tub/lake/pool/pond/river can be sexy AF… just make sure you’re in a private place and have your usual protection on hand.
  • Since outdoor sex can feel a little risque, chat with your partner first to make sure you’re both into it.
  • Water sex is not a spectator sport. Take precautions to stay hidden so you don’t force anyone nearby to see something they don’t want to see.