In case you missed it, we rounded up some of our favorite viral videos that we shared over the last few months. We’ve got snippets of humor from the gym, inspiration on the court and field, videos to get you pumped, and some light-hearted smile inducers. Enjoy!

1. Can You Pinky Pull-Up? DeStorm Powers Says He Can

YouTube sensation DeStorm Power (yes, that’s his name) is the king of meshing hip hop, rap, and comedy with some good editing and entertainment. His YouTube channel boasts more than one million subscribers and nearly 200 million video views. His latest clip to stir up buzz: A one-pinkeyed pull-up. Continue Reading>>

2. A Montage of Montages That Will Make You Sweat

So you signed up for a race, or want to take down the office bully with some sneaky kung-fu moves (Note: We do not condone violence). Next step, get pumped up. Thankfully, writer and comedian Bryan Menegus of the YouTube channel Slacktory compiled a montage of training montages — mind, blown. The video features sequences from films such as Kill Bill, Rocky, Mulan, Cool Running, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, X-Men, Footloose, and Full Metal Jacket, with tons of sweaty actors.Continue Reading>>

3. What If You Danced Like Nobody’s Watching at Baggage Claim?

You know that dancing you do when no one’s home? The kind where you may or may not be wearing pants, you whip your hair back and forth like you’re Willow Smith, and you pray no one walks in? Well imagine if you took those moves outside your locked bedroom. Angela Trimbur did. The L.A. based actress has danced like nobody’s watching before. This time, she took to the floors of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to show off some fancy footwork amongst impatient travelers crowded around a baggage carousel. Continue Reading>>

4. Raining? Running Will Keep You Drier Than Walking

There’s no controlling Mother Nature. Say it’s raining cats and dogs, and you just got your hair did. You want to get from the parking lot to the grocery store entrance without wrecking it. The question at hand: Should you walk and spend more time in the rain, or should you run (which means you’ll be hitting more raindrops from the side)? Henry Reich, the guy behind MinutePhysics, creates videos using time-lapsed drawings to explain physics related topics in around one minute. In this installment of MinutePhysics, we learn that running in the rain keeps us drier than walking. Continue Reading >>

5. Mistletoe: The Social Experiment (Would You Kiss a Stranger?)

Three people set to find out if the age-old mistletoe tradition was still alive. They asked college students (and some much older passersby) whether or not they believed in kissing under the greenery. While waiting for an answer, a piece of mistletoe sneakily droppeddirectly above the interviewer and interviewee’s heads. Most obliged and puckered up. Continue Reading>>

6. High School Basketball Player Hits 3s (With One Hand)

By the time he was 11, shooting guard Zach Hodskins averaged 31 points for his middle school basketball team. Now he nails 60 percent of his three-pointers and averages 12 points per game. Hodskins, a Junior at Milton High School in Aloharetta, Georgia is unquestionably good at basketball. He averages double-digits in points, and scouts say he’s deadly from 3-point range. There’s one thing that makes him different than the other kids on the court: The 16-year-old only has one hand. Continue Reading>>

7. What If Men and Women Switched Roles at the Gym?

What if every gender stereotype you’d ever held about men and women who work out at the gym was turned into one snappy little video? Directed by Jay Diaz and produced by Diaz along with Brian Thomas Smith, Daniel Marcha, and Tony Joun, the video is one of the most popular of Yahoo!’s “The Flip Side” series. The catch? Examining what life would be like if men and women switched roles at the gym. Like a sweatier, less politically correct version of “Freaky Friday.” Continue Reading>>

8. Spoons Inspired by Synesthesia (Taste the Rainbow, Literally)

Mashed potatoes and gravy aren’t the most visually appealing foods in the world. Normally we shovel them down with a standard metal spoon (unless you use your hands, but no one’s asking).But what if spoons didn’t look like, ya know, “spoons”? Jinhyun Jeon, a grad student from the Design Academy Eidhoven, created cutlery made to enhance the way we eat by stimulating more senses than just taste. She crafted the spoons (and other utensils) with five sensory elements in mind: color, tactility, temperature, volume and weight, and form. Continue Reading>>

9. The “Egyptian Popeye Has World’s Biggest Biceps

For the 2013 edition of the Guiness Book of World Records, amateur body-builder Moustafa Ismail earned the title “owner of the largest upper-arm muscles on Earth.” But soon after, the title was taken away. After a video showed Ismail’s astounding biceps and triceps, skeptics accused him of using steroids or other artificial methods to achieve his abnormally large arms. Guinness officials removed any mention of Ismail from their site and conducted research with medical specialists to review the record. Now the 24-year-old is determined to prove he doesn’t use artificial means to achieve his massive arms, and to reclaim the Guinness record. Continue Reading>>

10. 11 Surprising Condom Facts, and How They’re Made

Condoms have come a long way since the animal bladders and intestines our forefathers braved (phew!). Maybe you’ve never really wondered how a condom is made (you know, in the heat of the moment and stuff). But with great pleasure (tehe) we bring you this video showing the rigorous testing condoms undergo. All that poking, prodding, inspecting, and inflating (up to three feet high and one foot wide!) helps ensure condoms’ dependability and safety. Continue Reading>>

11. Aaron Rodgers Surprises A Cancer Survivor (and Plays Dress Up)

Aaron Rodgers is an incredibly talented (super dreamy) quarterback that’s well loved by Packers fans and middle-aged women alike. Let’s just say he’s got a massive fan base (over a million fans on Facebook). So how does he like to hang out with fans? He dresses up in feather boas and cowboy hats, and bounces his 225 pound frame on a trampoline with a 5th grade cancer survivor. Through his itsAaron campaign, Rodgers is starting to raise awareness for great causes. He visits kids who’ve battled early onset diseases such as Maggie Conlon who beat cancer. Rodgers may be best known for his work behind the offensive line, but off the field he sets an example for athletes and celebrities that can have a big hand in social good. Continue Reading>>

12. How James Bond jumps Onto Moving Trains (And Other Stunts)

Six years ago Daniel Craig hit the big screen as the newest, toughest James Bond ever. When he sauntered out of the ocean in little blue skivvies in “Casino Royale” (fine, a very small bathing suit), his strapping shoulders and bulging biceps rivaled every Bond before him. Now in Skyfall, Bond’s latest adventure, Craig is back and doing his own, dangerous stunts like the above clip where he scales and jumps off of a backhoe attached to a speeding train. (Flawlessly tailored suit sold separately.) Continue Reading>>

13. Domination on the Football Field (By a 9-Year-Old Girl)

Sam Gordon wants to be a professional soccer player when she grows up. But this little phenom might be heading to the Super Bowl rather than the World Cup. Millions of people have watched Gordon’s insanely fast little legs juke, jive, and sprint their way to football fame, all thanks to one YouTube video posted by her dad. In Gordon’s first season playing football for her Salt Lake City gremlin league team, the pint-size girl rushed nearly 2,000 yards, racking up 35 touchdowns and 65 tackles. She’s also nine-years-old, weighs less than 60 pounds, and plays on a team of all boys. Continue Reading>>

14. How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym (and Then Drop Her)

Please, we beg of you, turn your speakers down if you choose to view this at work, a public library, or in your childhood bedroom at your parent’s home. The heavy breathing, grunting, and other indescribable noises may lead your coworkers, library patrons, or parents to believe you’re viewing something very, very naughty. The video, (which isn’t as naughty as it sounds) is accurately titled. We see jacked dude Jarrett Sleeper quite literally pick up actress Rosalind Rubin (and then drop her). Continue Reading>>

15. Martyn Ashton’s Bike Ride (On an Airplane, and Other Crazy Places)

Martyn Ashton, is a mountain biking superstar but he doesn’t exactly stick to mountains. Instead, he’s a trials rider — a sport where cyclists traverse obstacles grouped into “sections” without ever setting foot on the ground. Essentially it’s bike riding meets parkour. Ashton takes to the streets (and various other surfaces) of England in his “road bike party.” He hops his way up and over shrubs, navigates skateparks (and even employs a skateboard at one point), does backflips, and climbs bridges all while seated on his famous bicycle. Continue Reading>>

16. How Facebook Made a Young Soccer Goalie a Star

There are bad soccer goalies, and then there is Daniel Cui. Cui was a high school freshman playing varsity soccer, and he wasn’t doing so hot. Mistakes and slip-ups (including a last-minute goal in the final game of the season) earned him a reputation for sucking in net and the role of scapegoat for a blown season. One schoolmate offered to cheer him up with a Facebook gallery of his highlights. Instead, he created a Facebook gallery of Cui’s mistakes called “Worst Goalie Ever.” Total burn! Cui, in actuality, isn’t a bad goalie, but he was playing above his age and his confidence had taken a bit of a beating from class mates calling him names such as the “Worst Goalie Ever.” Some of Cui’s teammates, however, came to his defence, using Facebook to fight the cyberbullying. Continue Reading>>

17. Mani Love aka “Lil Engine’s” Inspiring Highlight Reel

As the above video proves, “Mani Love” is not just a treatment we ladies purchase at the nail salon. Jahmani Swanson, who goes by that alias as well as Mani Fresh, Lil Engine, and The Athlete, has received a lot of attention this week for his insane three pointers, footwork, and ball-handling.Swanson is also a Little Person. The street-ball dominator rivals players who easily have 3 feet on him. He snakes through his opponents and dribbles the ball tighter than anyone else can. While he’s got those advantages, his height doesn’t stand between him and the hoop — just watch how he sinks shots from half court like it’s no big deal. Continue Reading>>

18. 61 Push Ups, in 60 Seconds (Cooler Than You Think)

This year, at the tenth annual Anytime Fitness conference (a meetup for franchise owners and employees) one fit-feat stood out amongst all the speakers, awards, and fancy dresses. In the middle of Chicago’s Millennium Park, April Calderon, worked out her arms, chest, abs, hips, and legs for hundreds of spectators. It only took her a minute. Calderon, who is the general manager of three Anytime Fitness clubs in Central Florida, pressed out 61 pushups… in one minute… balancing on three medicine balls. In case you weren’t counting, that’s more pushups than there are seconds in a minute. Continue Reading>>

19. Assassin’s Creed Parkour Is Like Real Life Video Game

Assassin’s Creed, the action-adventure video game series, gets a real life reenactment. A fearless dude takes on parkour — running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and a whole lot of somersaulting— all over, under, in, and around stuff. Filmographer Devin Graham and free runner Ronnie Shalvis took to the streets to imitate the video game before Assassin’s Creed 3, which came out last October. The general idea of Parkour, which gets its name from le parcours, French for “journey” or “route,” is to efficiently traverse obstacles to reach a final destination. Not to mention, all that jumping, landing, and running makes Parkour a seriously challenging workout. Continue Reading>>

20. Equinox Goes PG-13 with Steamy Partner Yoga

L.A. based Equinox yoga instructor, Briohny Smyth, blew up the internet with her latest edition of incredible (and steamy!) yoga arm balances in “The Contortionist.” In this video, “The Balancing Act,” Smyth practices partner yoga with her husband, Dice lida-Klein, (check out his insane yoga on a paddleboard). Quick warning: This is easily one of the most beautiful, entrancing, and, um, “intimate” three-and-a-half minutes of yoga ever. That intimacy actually made the crew on set, at times, feel like they should up and leave the room. How do we even get into this kind of yoga? The acrobatic duo says it took a lot of trust and communication to pull off the stunning strength success. Of course, they’re also both yoga instructors. Continue Reading>>

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