Food is supposed to help us live better — not make it harder. But for the thousands of people with serious food allergies or intolerances, eating can cause some serious anxiety, especially when you’re not really sure what the problem is.

But a new food tracking app aims to make eating stress-free and tracking meals easier. Thryve isn’t about counting calories; it’s about tracking your meals and how they make you feel. Noticing these connections can be good for anyone — not just those with special dietary needs.

Thryve requires much less time to enter data than other food trackers. It’s not about dieting — instead, it’s focused on recognizing how the food we put in our bodies (including how much and when) affect our physical and mental happiness and health.

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The app’s easy to use: Snap a photo of a meal, enter the ingredients, and adjust a bar graph to indicate the amount of each item. An hour or two later, the app sends a prompt asking: “It’s been a few hours since you’ve eaten. How are you feeling?” Users can then choose from an array of smiley and not-so-smiley faces to log their mood. They can also check the day’s nutritional breakdown and swipe to look at yesterday’s trends, or the days prior.

So other than the whole “no calories” thing, why’s Thryve different than any other tracker? Co-founders Nicole Mercer and Caleb Oller started the company as a passion project. Nicole suffered from a wide variety of serious health issues ranging from digestive problems to migraines and asthma for 12 years before discovering her “kryptonite” foods (gluten, dairy, soy, tomatoes, alcohol, and caffeine). Once she found her road to health, she instantly knew she wanted to help others find the same peace. Caleb’s constant struggle with his weight (and his family’s health) prompted him to want to create an easy way to track his meals. This might help explain why the app is less about losing weight and more about keeping up overall health, something Greatist knows a thing or two about.

Thryve is available for free in the iTunes App store starting today. Check it out and let us know what you think. Looking for more from Thryve? Check out their second app, Foster, a medication tracker with just as simple (and beautiful) and interface. It’s also available fro free in the App store!

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