Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. On some level, at least one of these probably plays some role in your life even if it’s just ignoring random event invites on Facebok.

Social media is basically inescapable for most of us. Those of us who have sworn off social networking still see hashtags and tweets on our favorite shows, or hear about John and Mary’s vacation pics on Instagram from friends.

As much as social media can be a frustration (and it can be a massive frustration), it can also do a lot of good. Facebook helps connect people that might not otherwise be able to. Pinterest can help us find new resources (like, maybe from your favorite website of all time?) and inspiration.

But social media can also do damage if we focus entirely on our digital world instead of the one around us, or if those inspirational messages start to actually make us feel bad. What impact do online communities and networks have on us? And is hearing about a friend going to gym a plus or a bummer? Can our socia lives start to stress us out in real life? Let us know in the comments and make your voice heard.