Sure, it’s a great pre-workout boost and might be all-around amazing for us, but coffee’s uses extend beyond an easy way to wake up. Take that favorite blend beyond breakfast and use it to tenderize and flavor steaks in place of high-sodium marinades. Or, use fresh coffee grounds as a tasty and smoky rub for grilling meats. Maybe round it out with a little coffee ice cream for dessert?

Photo by Ben Draper

There’s nothing better than the smell of a fresh pot brewing in the kitchen while rolling out of bed in the morning. But coffee’s bold scent is also great for eliminating pesky household odors any time of the day when sprinkled in kitchen trash to fight that leftover funk. The grounds can also be used as fast-acting scrub to remove the smell of onion and garlic from hands post-chopping.

Ready for a real wake-up? Combine a tablespoon of coffee grounds with a half-tablespoon of olive oil for an all-natural exfoliating facial scrub. Add some scented oil for a fresh scent, or let the hint of coffee after washing keep things a little more alert all day.

Plants enjoy a java boost, too. Sprinkle used coffee grounds (most of the acid in the beans dissolves during the brewing process) around plants for a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. We promise it’ll help those plants grow, though coffee-flavored carrots might be a little ways off.