The Greatist Team is unashamedly obsessed with avocados, so it’s no wonder we’re always looking for new uses for this squishy favorite. Packed with vitamins E and B6 — along with moisturizing mono-saturated fats — avocados are a popular ingredient in cleansing facial masks. Make one at home by combining the ripe, mashed fruit with plain yogurt, or just slather it on directly. (No judgments if chips are involved in the cleanup).

Photo by Aleksandra Flora

Avocado Facial Mask — WiseGEEK

We’re also huge fans of quick and healthy breakfasts, and baking an egg in an avocado is a fast and undeniably awesome way to get a dose of tasty protein and fats in the morning. Halve the fruit, pop out the pit, crack an egg inside, and bake until cooked through. Bonus points for adding some lower-sodium seasonings on top.

Bake an Egg in an Avocado — Lifehacker

And baking with these superfoods doesn’t end at breakfast. Use avocados as a replacement for butter in desserts (they pair especially well with chocolate dishes).

80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions — Greatist

Avocados are also perfect when it comes to replacing high-calorie condiments like mayo. Half an avocado has about half the calories of a serving of mayo and makes a solid replacement on sandwiches and in tuna and chicken salads.