An unhealthy gut can put a damper on all aspects of wellness, often in more ways than we first think. In this episode, we speak with Robb Wolf about our guts. It might not seem like the most obvious topic when it comes to our health, but as Robb explains, our guts make a huge impact on the rest of the body.

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What’s In This Episode

2:15 – Three ways your gut can impact your fitness, health, and happiness.
3:50 – What diseases might be influenced by poor gut health?
5:43 – How to know if you have a “leaky” gut.
6:51 – The most common causes for gut problems.
8:06 – Should you change your diet to improve your gut health?
10:08 – How to know how different foods affect your gut health.

Show Notes
The Paleo Solution Podcast
The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

People On the Show

David Tao
Armi Legge
Robb Wolf

Photo courtesy Epic Nutrients