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The Greatist Podcast is your one-stop shop for hot topics and important discussions about our health and wellness. In today’s show, Monica Reinagel, aka the “Nutrition Diva,” answers some of your most pressing questions about diet, including:

  • Is organic food healthier than conventional?
  • Whether you should worry about mercury from seafood.
  • The healthiest beer choices, and much more.

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00:00 – How to conquer the day-after hangover by hydrating properlyRestoration of fluid balance after exercise-induced dehydration: effects of alcohol consumption. Shirreffs, S.M., Maughan, R.J. University Medical School, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Journal of Applied Physiology, 1997 Oct;83(4):1152-8..

2:38 – What are the best probiotics for kids?

3:23 – How do you quit eating sugar cold-turkey?

4:32 – Is salmon from mercury dangerous?

5:07 – Is Splenda safe?

6:27 – Do you need to eat less sodium if you’re healthy?

7:39 – What are the healthiest beer choices?

8:37 — Is organic food healthier or not?

9:49 — The one choice Monica made to be healthier in the last week.