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This week had its fair share of cool happenings in the world of technology, especially when it came to new apps. Greatist was on top of the news, but there were still a slew of must-read headlines surrounding the world of gizmos and gadgets (and iPhones…). News this week varied from a printer that can print out 3-D organs (we’re not kidding) to an app that can fake your social life.

It’s almost impossible to read every story that affects our health. So we rounded up our top tech picks right here in our weekly roundup. Check it out and stay plugged in!

1. 3D Printable Organs That Could Reshape Medicine

Need a human heart? Just head to the printer! It sounds crazy, but thanks to some insanely smart work in the lab, British scientists have come up with a technique using stem cells to create living, 3-D organ structures. By replicating organs, researchers hope to use the printed tissues to make organs for organ replacement. It’ll be a long time coming before we can print out hearts, livers, kidneys, and more with the push of a button, but this could be the tip of a very, very incredible iceberg.

Via Fast Company

2. New Device Helps Diabetics Control Weight and Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes affects more than 300 million people worldwide, and now there’s a gadget, EndoBarrier, that can help reduce diabetics’ blood sugar levels and weight gain. The tube-shaped liner is inserted in the intestine and creates a barrier between food and the intestinal wall. Graphic, science-y details aside, Endobarrier hopes to help people feel more in control of their diabetes — especially if they stick to a healthy diet, stay active, and get enough sleep. Sounds good to us!

Via Fox News

Photo courtesy of Let’s Date

3. New App Turns Online Dating Into A Card Game

If you liked collecting baseball cards when you were 15, you may also enjoy collecting romantic prospect “cards” when you’re 25. Let’s Date is a new iOS app that basically shows you a picture of someone with their “stats” — basic info, hobbies, and the like. Users have the ability to hit “No” and play another hand, mark certain parts of their card they didn’t like, or go all in and press “Let’s Date.” From there, the app can customize your matches based on people you’ve picked, people you nix, and which qualities you’ve marked up. Since online dating is becoming more and more popular, this app could make playing the “online field” even more fun.


4. Unfriending Someone on Facebook? It Could Hurt Your Offline Relationship Too

Surprise, surprise: Online friendships are changing the way we interact face-to face. A new survey from Twitter found that out of 582 people, 40 percent of them would avoid real life confrontations with people who’ve unfriended them on Facebook. Yikes. Americans now spend a quarter of their time using social networks online, and all this is changing the way we interact with each other, and value and treat relationships. The moral of the story? Don’t un-friend someone you see on a daily basis. Things could get weird.

Via EurekAlert

5. App That Let’s You Fake Your Social Life and Beat FOMO

Feeling lame about staying in on a Friday night? CouchCachet, a new app, sets out to solve your social problems. Working with Foursquare, it basically lets you check in at cool bars, concerts, and events, from the safety of your own bed. Uh…what? While it’s essentially helping you fake your social life, the creators think it’s a way to address the issues of FOMO. Whether or not living a fake life helps or hurts that feeling of missing out is still up for debate, though we would say proceed with caution.


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