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This week had its fair share of cool happenings in the tech world. Greatist was on top of the news, but there were still a slew of must-read headlines surrounding the world of gizmos and gadgets (and iPhones…). News this week varied from smart phones that can change bad habits, to smart “bracelets” that know exactly what type of exercise we’re doing, and how much sweat is coming with it.

It’s almost impossible to read every story that affects our health. So we rounded up our top tech picks right here in our weekly roundup. Check it out and stay plugged in!

Quantified SelfIllustration by Bob Al-Greene

1. Health Tracking and Fitness Are Becoming 21 Percent More Mobile

Our iPhones can do more than Instagram. A new study revealed Americans are using technologyto track their health — 21 percent, in fact. From tracking mood, weight, stress, and sleep, people who were surveyed said tracking with apps helped change their health habits for the better (win!). People tracking their health with tech tools have changed their overall approach to health, too. Hopefully that means making healthier choices has become more fun. To date, there are more than 13,000 different health and fitness apps available.

Via The New York Times

2. Mobile Health Apps May Not Work Well In the Doctor’s Office

OK —even though more people are using tracking devices, that doesn’t necessarily mean they always pull through. A survey looked specifically at tech for medical patients, and discovered some less than stellar results: Only three out of 75 trials found text messaging and apps successfully helped manage disease. The brighter side? A supplemental survey found medical personnel who use apps to deliver care to their patients were pretty effective — 11 out of 42 trials showed some positive results.

Via Scientific American

3. How Smartphones Can Help Break Bad Habits

It’s not news, perse, but this cool multi-app review details one writer’s experience with five different apps that aim to fix bad habits. The applications varied from Lift, which helps people set goals from taking vitamins and meditating, the Eatery, which takes photos and tracks meals, to Bloom, which shows inspirational videos and photos. The verdict? Juice was the favorite, an app that tracks sleep, diet, and exercise, and quantifies users’ energy levels. And yeah, this is one person’s opinion, but it goes to show if you’re looking to fix up some bad habits, there’s probably an app for that.

Via Mashable

4. Personalized iPhone App Tells You When To Work Out

A new app not only tells you when you should work out, but how hard you have to push yourself to see optimal results. FitPal uses a simple finger tap to measure a person’s pulse and figure out when to exercise and how much they need to exert to see the best benefits without the risk of overtraining. (Cool!) It also measures functional capacity and ideal heart rate zone. So forget all the guessing games and leave the work to FitPal if you want personalized recommendations for an effective and safe workout strategy.

Via PR Web

5. “Smart” Fitness Bracelet Analyzes Your Whole Workout

Forget smart phones. This smart bracelet, Amiigo, is a sweat-proof fitness bracelet that can figure out what kind of workout you’re doing (yep, you’re on the treadmill, not the elliptical) and can track sets, reps, calories burned, and more.It also measures your body’s physiological response to exercise to help people improve overall fitness experience. The other plus? You can share your data and compete with friends, adding some friendly fun and competition to fitness.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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