Looks like working out isn’t linked to just one type ofmanpower. A study suggests guys who drop and give twenty may produce healthier semen. Scientists found differences in semen and hormone values between the physically active and the couch potatoes. Those who hit the gym (or work out at home!) may have happier sperm that, well, just keep swimming.

Researchers measured four elements of sperm quality: size, count, motility (ability to get to that egg), and morphology (size and shape). And men who got their sweat on (at the gym) seemed to have stronger hormone signals and healthier sperm production. So long, Viagra. This study isn’t the first to link working out and macho-man abilities. Other research suggests moderate exercise actually improves sperm motility— so training for an Iron Man Triathlon isn’t the only way to keep things afloat down below. Just remember to keep the laptop away after working out. Don’t want to kill off sperm after all that hard work!