Photo by Marissa Angell

What’s the key to a healthy heart? The answer may already be on our dinner plate. This week, Harvard Health Publications released a Special Health Report explaining how to eat our way into heart-healthy territory and steer clear of weight gain and diabetes. Making healthy food choices has long topped the National Institutes of Health list for preventing heart disease, and Harvard Medical School is now spreading the word— starting with a list of chow down dos and don’ts.

So before eliminating carbs or fats— or starting whatever fad diet pops up next— consider using this new guide, complete with which foods to stock up on, eat in moderation, and avoid altogether. See the highlights here (and make sure to check out their complete report for serving sizes, sample meal plans, and scrumptious recipes):

Of course this is just one group’s advice— so keep that in mind before the next supermarket sweep. And as always, make it a priority to choose foods that will satisfy both the heart and the taste buds. Taking advantage of healthful and delicious fall produce is one of our favorite places to start. Happy (and healthy) eating!