Ever wanted ice… INSTANTLY?! Well now you can! This video may sound like a goofy infomercial, but it is not in fact a paid advertisement.

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This seemingly supernatural clip comes from Grant Thompson, affectionately called “The King of Random.” Thompson creates all sorts of DIY videos including this gem (a make-your-own Shake Weight of sorts). He’s made a candle out of butter, an emergency phone charger from a drill and a wooden spoon (amongst other materials), and even created fire with his own urine (do not try this at home?). This time, the experimental dude decided to toy with plain old H2O — instantaneously bringing it from a liquid state to a solid state.

It’s as simple as popping bottled water in the freezer for two hours and 45 minutes (to reach a temperature below freezing yet maintain a liquid state). Smack the bottle like it just hardcore dissed you (my mama did what?!), and wabam! You’ve got insta-ice! This new life skill is ideal for your next family function and all the local ice sculptors are booked solid. While it’s highly unlikely the most of us could construct kissing swans with this ice method, it is pretty insane that water can quickly morph into a Lego-sized ski mountain in a matter of seconds.

And the good news is — you don’t have to be a master to do it. We love this hack not only because it makes us look like David Blaine’s younger (and admittedly less cool) sibling, but it’s also an awesome way to beat summer heat. So next time you’re dripping sweat from a long run, cool down with an insta-slushie!

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