Recently we introduced you to Matt Jones, a dude in a hairnet who can chop up an entire watermelon in 21 seconds (and keep all ten of his fingers). But as exciting as melon dicing can be, this fruit video (above) is even more breathtaking.

OK, maybe we’re going overboard by suggesting it’ll take your breath away, but the above video does illustrate how to consume an apple the less wasteful way—by eating all of it, core and all. The traditional style of apple eating, the video explains, can waste up to a third of the super fruit. We’re all for reducing food waste, but how does a person eat an entire apple without needing a whole container of floss to clean up the aftermath?

The video pretty much speaks for itself, but all the regular apple consumer must do is chomp completely inconventionally—from top to bottom—instead of right to left. Say what?!

Produced by food news mavens, Foodbeast, the clip explains that eating an apple around its core is simply wrong. How dare you. When Foodbeast writer Elie Ayrouth eats the apple vertically, its core becomes virtually non-existant. This hack isn’t super revolutionary (and we can’t promise you won’t grow an apple tree inside of you) but it’s totally worth sharing with all those daring noshers out there.