Laughter is a natural part of our lives. From watching re-runs of The Daily Show to a YouTube video of goats yelling like Taylor Swift, there are little moments every day that help us take a break and unwind.

So how important is it for us to laugh about our health and fitness? Is there a place for humor when it comes to our workout regime, or even serious health issues? Greatist has written a bunch on laughter including its ability to bust a bad mood (duh), provide a lasting sense of overall well-being, and give some unexpected health benefits.

But how do we reconcile videos that give us a laugh at our own expense? One of our top videos asks, “What If Men and Women Switched Roles at the Gym?” The video plays up gender stereotypes in a good natured way, but it still sticks to fairly inaccurate stereotypes just for a laugh. And what about comedians who joke about health concerns like obesity or cancer?

Do these jokes help us let off steam or dull us to real issues? It’s a real thorny topic with lots of “right” answers. Rather than come up with an answer, we’re turning to you to spark a conversation about humor and health. Check out the comments below and let us know what you think.

Photo by The Infatuated