For employees at these 46 companies, going to the office is hardly the daily grind. From software companies to food service businesses, these workplaces are making the 9-to-5 a happier, healthier place every day. That means providing workers with benefits such as on-site fitness classes, child care centers, healthy subsidized meals, and fun perks like regular happy hours, company retreats, and open, light-filled office spaces.

Each company is listed according to rank, although each size category is a separate division (meaning that #1 in the “huge companies” field is not comparable with the #1 entry in “tiny companies”). While each of the companies described below (and many others that didn’t make this list) have excemplary health benefits, we looked for businesses with perks that go truly above and beyond what’s expected. Read on to find out which companies made the cut (and check out last year’s list, too).

Huge Companies (20,000+ Employees)

1. General Electric
Headquarters: Fairfield, CT. Employees: 305,000 (worldwide)

The people at GE are all about tapping into that inner imagination to make the world work better. So it’s little surprise they’re working to tackle the global health problem with their Healthymagination campaign, designed to increase quality, access, and affordability of health care. GE employees live and breathe their mission with killer health benefits, maternity and paternity leave, onsite gyms at most locations, and HealthAhead — a wellness site with resources and tools to get and stay healthy. They’re also encouraged to commit to making a small, health-related choice (such as standing more) every day through the company’s “Small Changes” program. Wellness doesn’t stop at the gym or the DASH-diet-approved catered events; GE also holds seminars on mindfulness and achieving balance. — NM

2. Google
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA. Employees: 44,777

Photo: Google

Google employees have a lot to smile about. Boasting an in-office slide, Ping-Pong tables, and scooters to make it to meetings on time, Google HQ considers play a top priority. The super popular tech company makes healthy eating a cinch with visible nutrition labels and a cafeteria designed with behavioral economics in mind, putting healthier choices at the forefront and keeping portion sizes in check. Though Google admits its employees had a serious M&M addiction, the company took action by storing the candy in opaque containers and displaying healthier snacks, such as pistachios, in glass jars. And for any and all aches and pains, Google’s got an onsite physical therapist and chiropractor. — NM

3. Accenture
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 275,000 (worldwide)

Photo: Accenture

Accenture knows how to get its employees moving, eating well, and stress free, thanks to health initiatives that include incentives and rewards to reach or succeed 10,000 steps a day and online health coaching programs for nutrition, stress, and exercise. For the employees who want to relive college intramurals, Accenture offers clubs including basketball, volleyball, football, and badminton. The high-tech consulting company treats expecting parents to a new parents’ toolkit, a nursing mother’s program, subsidized childcare, and even a $50 breast pump subsidy. Talk about benefits for the whole family. — NM

4. Mayo Clinic
Headquarters: Rochester, MN. Employees: 61,125

Photo: Mayo Clinic

Because teamwork makes the dream work, Mayo Clinic celebrates achievements with recognition funds for employee milestones and group efforts. To keep those noggins sharp, the company offers instructor-led and online classes for professional growth and education. Mayo Clinic’s LiveWell program helps employees find tools and resources to make healthy choices, and if you’ve got a question, the “Ask Mayo Clinic 24/7” medical resource line has got the answer. The company also boasts a Healthy Living Center, the goal of which is to provide an inclusive wellness program for all employees. Achieving work-life balance at Mayo Clinic is trouble-free with flexible hours, maternity and paternity leave, and funeral leave. — NM

5. Cisco Systems
Headquarters: San Jose, CA. Employees: 37, 200

This multinational corporation hooks up its work-from-home employees with state of the art fitness equipment for their home office (nearly half of Cisco’s employees telecommute full time). To stay up on their game, 80 percent of employees participate in professional development and education programs. For on-site employees, Cisco’s LifeConnections health center has it all — a fitness center, primary care doctors, physical therapy, and even acupuncture. Thanks to flexible hours plus an onsite childcare center, Cisco was named one of Working Mother’s 100 best companies to work for. — NM

6. Nike
Headquarters: Beaverton, OR. Employees: 48,000

Photo: Nike

This fitness-focused company doesn’t stop its commitment to wellness at the onsite fitness center. Nike allots time for fitness during the workday at its many courts and studios — basketball, racquetball, squash, track, tennis courts, a swimming pool, weight rooms, a 34-foot climbing wall, and a Tour de France “simulator”. Nike encourages balance in the form of R and R, with three weeks’ vacation time every year. And we can’t fail to mention the employee discount on Nike products. — NM

7. Microsoft
Headquarters: Redmond, WA. Employees: 99, 139 (worldwide).

Photo: Microsoft

With a bike shop, mini day spa, dry cleaning, and sports fields for pickup soccer, basketball, or cricket, the Microsoft campus has everything in reach — and don’t forget the 37 espresso stands for a quick jolt. Microsoft offers free health screenings and flu shots and even has an onsite pharmacy to take the hassle out of prescription refills. Theyalso have a team of doctors who make house calls, just like in the good ol’ days. The beast of a software company knows the importance of giving back: Microsoft donates $17 to an nonprofit or charitable organization for every hour volunteered by its employees. — NM

8. General Mills
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN. Employees: 41,000 (worldwide)

Photo: General Mills

With a heavily subsidized salad bar and junk-less vending machines, the men and women at General Mills know the importance of eating their Wheaties. To help employees fit in an end-of-the-week workout, the food giant holds Fitness Friday events including lunchtime kickball, snowshoeing, basketball, dodge ball, and cross-country skiing. Smoking cessation programs, healthy cooking classes, and Weight Watchers meetings are just a few of the many wellness related perks. Work-life balance is key at General Mills, with flexible schedules and work-from-home days encouraged. — NM

9. S.C. Johnson
Headquarters: Racine, WI. Employees: 13,000

Photo: S.C. Johnson

SC Johnson takes great pride in embodying its tagline — “A Family Company” — through wellness programs that support employees and their families. In addition to maternity and paternity leave, SC Johnson offers adoption leave, flexible work arrangements, scholarships for students, and childcare options. Family time is made easier with the Lighthouse Resort, a company-owned retreat for family vacations throughout the year. Ensuring a balanced work-life schedule is easy for families, thanks to telecommuting options and summer hours for all employees. — MD

10. Wegmans
Headquarters: Rochester, NY. Employees: 44,000

Photo: Wegmans

From organic, fresh vegetables to sustainably raised meat, Wegmans’ commitment to healthy living doesn’t end at the checkout line. The company’s Eat Well, Live Well website provides employees with healthy eating challenges, health tips, and links to videos offering advice on everything from snacking to transitioning to a gluten free diet. The website also provides fitness resources for employees, from trail routes to yoga videos. Employees can take advantage of excellent health care and dental plans, paid time off, adoption assistance programs, and on-site professional development and computer-based training. — MD

11. Kaiser Permanente
Headquarters: Oakland, CA. Employees: 186,000

As one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, employees’ health is a big deal for Kaiser Permanente. A focal point of their employee wellness campaign is encouraging healthy decisions; whether it’s incentivizing walking, providing healthy food options in vending machines, or organizing meditation and yoga sessions, Kaiser Permanente’s programs make healthy lifestyles easy. Plus, they love to give back to the community — from sponsoring bike share programs, to helping rebuild after natural disasters. Employees are also encouraged to participate in the Healthy Workforce Take and Give campaign, an initiative in which employees complete a health assessment and in turn are provided with $50 in compensation and a personalized wellness consultation. Now that’s a great deal! — MD

12. Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Headquarters: Watertown, MA. Employees: 22,000

Bright Horizons cares about its employees, as demonstrated by a company culture focused on care and personal development. Employees have access to coverage of preventative care for the whole family, weight loss programs, and stress reduction programs. Bright Horizons understands, however, that being “healthy” means all sorts of things. With that in mind, the company offers real-estate counseling, discounts on certain insurance, legal assistance, and growth and learning programs that reward employees who earn a CDA credential or new degree with a five percent salary increase. Bright Horizons is a complete package, especially for those looking to settle down and build a family (well, duh!). — ZS

Big Companies (5,000 – 19,999 Employees)

1. Hasbro
Headquarters: Pawtucket, RI. Employees: 5,500 (worldwide)

Photo: Hasbro

We all grew up wanting to work for a toy company, but this is one childhood dream job that holds up to scrutiny (sorry, professional ninjas). With nearly 6,000 employees working toward making childhoods happy, Hasbro was recently named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S. — but it’s also one of the healthiest. Not only does their Rhode Island headquarters supply access to a weekly healthy veggie subscription box, but twice a month they put on a “wellness workshop” that teaches employees about the value of a diverse range of topics such as mindfulness, yoga, and massage. They also host fitness-centered events such as the Hasbro 5k. Add that to their on-site gyms that offer classes in Zumba, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and even hula hooping, and Hasbro is clearly a company that’s dedicated to keeping their employees happy and healthy for as long as possible. — NE

2. Chesapeake Energy
Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK. Employees: 11,000

Photo: Chesapeake Energy

If someone offered you $1,500 to live a healthier lifestyle, would you take it? Chesapeake Energy decided that it’s a small price to pay for the increased productivity that healthy living brings, and provides a bonus for employees who exercise three days a week, attend health seminars, maintain a healthy body weight, and keep track of their blood pressure and cholesterol. Of course, they make this easier by providing onsite gyms, and their Oklahoma City headquarters has a vast exercise center with an Olympic-sized pool, volleyball court, and even fencing and spinning classes. If there’s one thing they find more important than a healthy body, it’s a healthy mind. Chesapeake Energy devotes itself to maintaining their employees’ happiness with a company movie theatre, concerts in the summer, and a campaign called “Your Life Matters” that’s intended to make sure everybody knows they’re significant and give them access to mental health information and treatment. — NE

3. SAS
Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina. Employees: 13,732 (worldwide)

Photo: SAS

Named the world’s second-best company to work for by Fortune (Google was number one), this gigantic software company does its best to merge health and fun by hosting food photo contests, produce chopping events, and knife skills classes. Of course, they also make sure all of their employees have access to an enormous gym with a variety of free classes, but SAS doesn’t neglect the finer points of keeping employees happy: We’re talking on-site massage therapy, nail salons, book exchanges, and classes for improving confidence, finance management, coping with stress, and countless others. Add to that comprehensive and holistic childcare programs and scores of charitable donations, and it becomes obvious that SAS has their priorities right. — NE

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Employees: 40,000 (worldwide)

Photo: TELUS

This Canadian communications and IT company took the concept of healthy living and turned it into a complex, sprawling program that includes classes and services (from yoga to acupuncture), health and wellness support (like smoking cessation and nutritional counseling), and mental health support. Of particular note is their Active Living challenge, which motivates employees with online workout videos and nutritional web seminars. They’re also hugely supportive of employees working from home as needed and taking wellbeing days, and provide compassionate care leave and parental and maternity leave — all of which adds up to happy, healthy workers. — NE

5. Emblem Health
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 4,700

Photo: Emblem Health

Unsurprisingly, this healthcare company is nutty about health. As one would expect, they offer their employees some particularly comprehensive health insurance (including a 24-hour nurse advice hotline), but prevention seems to take priority. Coaches are available to help with any aspect of health management, plus employees have access to an on-site gym and diet programs like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. There’s a points-based incentive system to gamify the process (some points for attending a lecture here, getting a flu shot there, etc.) and employees are even actively encouraged to take time off “to feel energized at home and be healthy.” With all that, plus their assistance with college tuition and a detailed Pregnancy Management Program, Emblem is definitely proving its chops as a health care company. — NE

6. Genentech
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 12,300

Photo: Genentech

This biotech company provides full insurance benefits for all of its full-time employees and their families, but also lets them choose their kind of coverage — if you’d prefer your back pain to be treated by an acupuncturist, that’s fine with them! They also have dedicated policies to improve the mental health of parents by offering nursing rooms and on-site childcare centers, and providing generous allowances for maternity and family care leave. In conjunction with free gym memberships, full-service cafeterias, on-campus running trails, and even free haircuts (because why not?), Genentech knows how to take care of its people — and their people. — NE

7. Jamba Juice
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 10,000

Photo: Jamba Juice

While their product is only sometimes healthy, Jamba Juice’s corporate culture is the real deal. They’ve received recognition and plenty of awards for promoting wellness among their staff, and it’s easy to see why: They give employees discounts on gym memberships, provide medical and dental benefits, and give commuter discounts to people who use bikes to get to work. Jamba regularly sponsors employee teams at various marathons and fitness events, but their most innovative health program is probably the CEO Health Challenge, which rewards assorted healthy living milestones with iPads, gift cards, gym memberships, and discounts on health care benefits. Like we needed any more reasons to be healthy! — NE

Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 8,000

Individual employees matter at the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association — College Retirement Equities Fund, a financial services provider focused specifically on retirement plans. Staff members have the opportunity to develop their career goals by meeting with company managers and learning from mentors who do similar work. The company’s also down to celebrate whatever kind of healthy lifestyle employees want to lead. For some that might mean joining a TIAA sports team (they sponsor up to six teams per site) or taking advantage of the fitness reimbursement programs. Families are included, too: The company provides onsite childcare; adoption assistance; adoption, maternity, and paternity leave; and discounted rates for care for a sick child or elderly relative. Beyond the office walls, TIAA spreads the love by regularly participating first-hand in community service projects and matching employees’ donations to certain schools, nonprofits, and other charitable organizations. — SL

9. Epic
Headquarters: Verona, WI. Employees: 6,800

Photo: Epic

It’s one thing to catch up with coworkers at the water cooler; it’s something else to travel around the world with them. “Epic Odyssey” sends employees to different spots around the globe to learn about other cultures, and it’s just one of the team-building programs this healthcare software company offers. Others include sports teams, bike groups, and social events such as the annual “Pi Day” on March 14. Employees can also bond over their shared interest in giving back to the community by supporting one of the company’s philanthropic and environmental initiatives. In particular, Epic’s all about reducing their usage of fossil fuels through recycling and buying locally. This is one office where you won’t find people hunched over their computers with vending-machine fare: Every day, a group of professional chefs serves up tasty, healthy eats all over campus. Plus, each building is designed around a central theme in order to boost creativity and productivity. — SL

Medium-Sized Companies (500 – 4,999 Employees)

1. CHG Healthcare Services
Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT. Employees: 1,684

Photo: CHG

You know you work for a healthcare company when your employer offers a comprehensive wellness program, including free health screenings and yoga classes, right at the office. This company is dedicated to putting the fun back in health, which is why they’ve created the Rock Your Body challenge, in which employees compete to see who can lose the most weight. Other lifestyle perks include flexible work schedules, maternity and paternity leave, and help with issues such as adoption and childcare. Best of all, CHG makes it easy for employees to participate in social good initiatives; the company hosts an annual blood drive and the “green committee” guides employees in ways to reduce their carbon footprint. — SL

2. Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Headquarters: Schaumburg, IL. Employees: 3,569

Photo: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The CTCA philosophy is simple: Employees are entitled to the same high-quality health care that patients receive. That’s why staffers and their families can participate in annual, on-site biometric screenings and have access to personal lifestyle coaches. The company encourages employees to make health and fitness part of their daily routines, with on-site classes including Zumba and Pilates. There’s even a program called the “Walking Company Discount” that reimburses employees for sneakers when they walk more than 250 miles. Learning never stops among the doctors and researchers who work at this organization: CTCA provides free online and in-person classes on business, management, leadership, and clinical know-how. — SL

3. Zappos
Headquarters: Henderson, NV. Employees: 1,845

Photo: Zappos

By now this shoe retailer is well known for its company culture based on positivity and personal development. The company makes it as easy as possible for employees to stay healthy and happy in their brand new headquarters, thanks to an on-site fitness center and classes related to everything from nutrition to financial awareness. Free salads and other healthy eats abound, but employees worried about overdoing it can check out the on-site Weight Watchers services. Aspiring Moms and Dads have access to adoption and infertility benefits, while the parents of our furry friends benefit from pet insurance. And staffers’ families are welcome at regular company outings such as picnics and Halloween parties. — SL

4. Angie’s List
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN. Employees: 1,400

Photo: Brandon Smith / Angie’s List

Repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to work in Indiana by the state’s chamber of commerce, Angie’s List is also one of the healthiest. With a full-time Wellness Director and personal trainer on staff, the company is all about giving incentives for healthy habits. Employees earn time off for running the company marathon, $1,000 for quitting smoking, and up to $300 in gift cards for taking part in the company’s 30 different wellness programs. The programs cover topics like stress management and healthy eating, and offer heart health assessments, flu shots, and CPR classes. We’re most impressed with their “Garden Club,” a program that helps each and every employee learn how to grow and maintain their own vegetable patch on site. — NE

5. J.M. Smucker Company
Headquarters: Orrville, OH. Employees: 5,000

Photo: J.M. Smucker

You may not stay healthy if you eat nothing butthis company’s products, but J.M. Smucker Company (which makes a variety of condiments, toppings, and snacks) is committed to keeping its employees healthy. Smucker’s offers annual health screenings, health fairs, flexible healthcare spending accounts, prescription drug coverage, and a full suite of top-notch healthcare options. Even more impressive are its employee development initiatives, which focus on culture, leadership, and seminars on ethics. Now that’s pretty sweet. — ZS

6. Twitter
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 2,000 (worldwide)

Photo: Aaron Durand / Twitter

For a platform known for its short, social media missives, Twitter, as a company, doesn’t skimp on the benefits to its employees. Daily, on-site catered lunches and dinners boost employee happiness, while a variety of health and fitness benefits (such as generous leave time, gym reimbursements, and weekly yoga classes) ensure that employees stay active. The ample outdoor space (and rooftop garden) don’t hurt, either. — ZS

Small Companies (100 – 499 Employees)

1. Insomniac Games
Headquarters: Burbank, CA. Employees: 288

Photo: Insomniac Games

Headquartered in California, Insomniac Games is the company behind “Spyro,” “Resistance,” “Ratchet & Clank,” and more. Known for its culture of fun, Insomniac bucks the stereotype of the unhealthy gamer with a slew of benefits, including free lunch on Fridays, a basketball court, volleyball court, putting green, and discounted gym memberships. Insomniac takes “paid vacation” one step further by actually giving employees money to go away after five years at the company. In the short term, the company offers in-house massages, a human-sized chessboard, and, for further evidence, this music video. — ZS

2. Centro
Headquarters: Chicago, IL. Employees: 370

Photo: Centro

If you surf the web regularly, you’ve probably seen Centro’s work. The digital media and advertising firm has worked on more than 20,000 campaigns across the Internet, but its employee perks are what make the company really shine. The company gives all employees access to free onsite nutritionists, Weight Watchers, onsite yoga, daily deliveries of fresh fruit, and company-wide time every day for mindfulness and meditation. All Centro team members also get 10 yearly “Ferris Bueller” personal days to unwind and unleash their inner high schooler. — DT

3. Next Jump
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 200

Photo: Next Jump

This provider of Internet rewards and loyalty programs is especially good at rewarding its own employees. That includes free on-site healthy meals (and even healthy bags of snacks for the weekend), fitness classes, batting cages, virtual golf, and a rock wall. Their fitness facilities are open 24/7 and are available to all employees and their immediate families. Next Jump also sponsors an in-house fitness challenge, where teams of employees attend various fitness activities to earn points and cash in a health savings account. — DT

4. Burton
Headquarters: Burlington, VT. Employees: 372

As you can imagine, the office at Burton — the skate and snowboard mega-brand — is pretty fun. While Burton may not have the most comprehensive medical benefits, it makes up for that with a young spirit that encourages employee wellbeing. What does that mean? We’re talking a skate park behind the office, discounts on gear, dog-friendly work environments, and automatic snow days whenever it snows more than two feet. Burton tops off those benefits with a women’s leadership initiative and staff-led groups committed to promoting environmental sustainability. — ZS

Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 440 (worldwide)

Photo: Fab

Started in 2010, Fab sells a little bit of everything: apparel, accessories, home decor, art, and jewelry, all with a light touch and sense of fun. Fab doesn’t boast a laundry list of benefits but it gets the most important ones right: There’s 100 percent healthcare coverage for all employees, and 80 percent coverage for dependents. Fab also offers gym memberships, three weeks of paid vacation per year, and some serious discounts on its potpourri of goods including weekly raffles of $500 (seriously). Fab’s spirit extends to its customer service, which, much like its internal culture, is all about respect, care, and quirkiness. — ZS

6. Lumosity
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 106

Photo: Lumosity

Lumosity makes brain-training software to keep minds sharp, and their employee perks are a sign of their own strong thinking. In addition to unlimited paid time off, Lumosity’s 106 employees get access to catered lunches and a healthy snack pantry. Employment also comes with a free gym membership, and the company’s Culture Team organizes regular happy hours and outings to get folks mingling outside the office. We assume they drink responsibly! — DT

7. Fowler White Boggs
Headquarters: Tampa, FL. Employees: 220

Photo: Fowler White Boggs

Law isn’t always seen as the healthiest profession, but Fowler White Boggs is bucking that trend with some of the best employee benefits in the country. In addition to attending one-on-one coaching with registered dieticians and nurses, Fowler White Boggs employees can also earn healthcare discounts for meeting certain biometric stats (like lowered blood pressure and BMI). And their lunch breaks are hands-down the coolest we’ve encountered: The company offers a “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” lecture series during which employees can learn about health and wellness topics while savoring healthy meals. The firm is also tops at encouraging pro bono work to get employee’s legal expertise to those in need. — DT

8. ZocDoc
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 450

Photo: ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a go-to app if you need to find a doctor, so the company’s employees always know where to turn for medical care. For health and happiness beyond check-ups, the company’s employees have access so some pretty legit perks. ZocDoc’s New York City headquarters features an open office plan, yoga balls, comfy couches, Rock Band, healthy snacks, and a ping-pong table. Beer and wine happy hours happen every Friday, and anyone working after 8pm gets free dinner and a cab ride home. Regular company retreats and outings break up any office monotony, too. It’s just what the doctor ordered. — DT

9. Tumblr
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 192

Photo: Tumblr

Tumblr’s employees have built one of the world’s best social media platforms, but they probably won’t be using it to complain about work. The NYC-based company — recently acquired by web giant Yahoo — rewards workers for referring new employees, so working with your friends has never made more sense. Tumblr employees get a commuter savings account, twice-monthly office yoga, late-night dinner, and free gym memberships. The company also uses Sherpaa, a medical referral and insurance savings service that’s becoming a hot commodity among healthy companies (including Greatist). — DT

10. MRY
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 375

Photo: MRY

This NYC-based advertising agency is pretty much the opposite of the booze-guzzling, chain-smoking ad firm depicted in “Mad Men.” With an in-house barista, healthy catered breakfast once a week, gym discounts, office yoga sessions, and a company-wide step challenge, this company is making healthy living cool (check out their fancy-pants website if you don’t believe us!). Life/work balance perks include uncapped paid time off, maternity/paternity time off, and the “Get a Life” program, where the company pays for employees to pursue mental or physical health goals outside work hours. — SB

11. Eventbrite
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 300

Photo: Eventbrite

Start-ups are a dime a dozen in Frisco, but Eventbrite, a company that facilitates online event organizing and ticket sales, stands out for its happiness-related benefits. Employees can chill out in a Zen room, bring their dogs to work on certain days and release stress with a game of Ping Pong. Eventbrite provides catered meals as well as plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for when the munchies strike. Love to bike to work? You’re not alone at Eventbrite — so many employees cycle that the company installed a bike parking area in the office to keep bikes safe. — SB

Tiny Companies (

1. Asana
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 50

Photo: Asana

Would you expect a company named after the Sanskrit word for yoga poses to be anything but healthy? This San Fran-based task management company puts a premium on whole-body health for its employees. That means providing two organic meals per day (customized to fit specific dietary needs, if necessary), life coaching services, in-house yoga classes, optional massages, and 1-on-1 sessions with a yoga teacher. Since Asana’s brand is all about streamlining workflow, employees are encouraged to make their workstations as productive and positive as possible. That means each employee gets $10,000 to customize their workstation — popular choices include standing and treadmill desks. — SB

2. Greatist
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 18

We live the life we champion at Greatist, which means keeping the workplace fit, healthy, and happy. Employees receive a free gym membership plus a $50 monthly stipend for extra fitness classes, physical therapy, or massages. Hungry workers help themselves to a fridge full of healthy groceries for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The whole company takes part in monthly “Gractivities” (fitness or wellness classes or activities around NYC) and “Grappy Hours” (in-office themed happy hours with plenty of healthy snacks). Plus, employees are encouraged to manage their own time — that means unlimited time off, flexible hours, and a frequently used work-from-home policy. Weekly meditation and appreciating fellow coworkers by presenting them with a stuffed animal round out the happiness perks. — SB

3. AnswerLab
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 42

Photo: AnswerLab

So much for the stereotype that tech gurus are couch potatoes. At AnswerLab, a website testing and research firm, employees are encouraged to stay active by participating in company-wide fitness challenges and scheduling walking meetings. Free gym membership and FitBit fitness trackers make it easy to add exercise into the daily routine. Regular fresh fruit deliveries and a tech “allowance” for trying out new products and devices make employees happy and healthy. — SB

4. Hanson Dodge Creative
Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI. Employees: 68

Photo: Hanson Dodge Creative

The digital marketing, branding, and technology company behind fitness names like Ragnar Relay and Trek bicycles knows how to keep employees happy at work. The company subsidizes healthy meals at an on-site cafeteria, sponsors employee teams to run the Relay, and organizes monthly activities like scavenger hunts, bike races, and ice skating. With a fitness center, bicycles, and kayaks all available on-site, workers have no obstacles to getting and staying fit. Hanson Dodge is also pretty invested in its community — the management encourages employees to volunteer and do pro bono work on behalf of local organizations. Considering the flexible hours policy, employees have plenty of time to work on their karma as well as their fitness. — SB

5. Weebly
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA. Employees: 90 (worldwide)

Photo: Kevin Osmond

Blog and website platform Weebly doesn’t just make working more fun; it makes life outside the office better, too. Employees (who can take advantage of flexible hours and a work-from-home policy) get a $50 monthly credit to a housecleaning and concierge service (Imagine how much time you’d save if someone else was in charge of laundry and errands!). If that weren’t enough, workers also receive free healthy food, drinks, and snacks at the office and stay fit with a free gym membership and in-office yoga sessions twice a month. — SB

6. Conductor, Inc.
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees:100

Photo: Conductor

This SEO platform company was recently named one of the healthiest companies in all of New York State. What makes it a winner? Employees chow down on free lunch on Fridays, work out courtesy of free gym memberships, and take care of themselves thanks to a health reimbursement account. Conductor is all about thinking outside the box — the company sponsors Hack Days, where employees brainstorm new ways to make their company, office space, and products even better. Stressed out by all the innovation? Workers can take a break with in-office FIFA and Rockband video games and employee karaoke night. Workers also get 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer in the community. — SB

7. Noom
Headquarters: New York, NY. Employees: 30 (worldwide)

Photo: Noom

Noom is dedicated to making products that help people get healthier, so it’s no surprise they place a premium on their employees’ health. The app company provides workers with a free healthy lunch prepared in-house every day, in addition to healthy snacks. Employees are reimbursed for their gym memberships and can participate in yoga classes at the office once a week. Other fitness instructors regularly come into the office to teach classes. Noom also encourages employees to pursue their interests — every week the whole company participates in “Freestyle Friday,” a chunk of time dedicated to brainstorming and working on passion projects. — SB

8. PatientsLikeMe
Headquarters: Cambridge, MA. Employees: 70

Photo: Patients Like Me

Patients Like Me is rethinking how people interact with doctors, medical research, and other patients. Communication and collaboration is built into the company from the ground up. Employees meet once a week for educational lunches and further benefit from weekly yoga sessions, mass transit passes, and on-site Wii, Ping Pong, and darts to keep the mood light. The Cambridge, MA-based company knows the importance of work/life balance, which is why all workers get 10 paid holidays, 20 days of paid time off per year, and can work flexible hours if needed. — SB

A note on our metrics: We spent weeks researching the companies on this list and number-crunching the rankings to make them as accurate as possible. We started by analyzing annual “best companies” lists from institutions like Forbes, CNN, Indeed, Glassdoor, Working Mother Magazine, and Business Insider. Next, we looked into the specific pros and cons for each company based on press releases, quarterly reports, local news articles, and careers webpages. We then ranked the companies based on benefits that relate to fitness, health, and happiness. Companies received one point per “special” benefit — one point for an on-site child care center, one point for a free gym membership, one point for telecommuting options, etc. Lastly, we added up the points and arranged our list in descending order. We did everything in our power to make this list as accurate and numbers-based as possible to make it fair for all companies included.

Unless otherwise noted, all employee counts are for the US only.

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